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  1. E

    View window not IN view window..it "hovers"

    Hi Guys, I have a SD65F230-HNI PTZ camera with FW : .420.0000.7.R.3.3019.9A.NR, build : 2016-01-26 for which I just can't seem to get the viewer in the web page right. Using IE with the right settings (I believe). The plug-in works but in LIVE mode and SETTINGS the view window "hovers" instead...
  2. botics

    Dahua 608-32-4KS2 Browser Web Plugin Problem

    Model: 608-32-4KS2 System Version: V3.216.0000000.0 Build Date: 2018-10-09 Logging into the NVR I can only view my cameras in Internet Explorer v11 running on Windows Pro 10. Firefox and Edge will ask me to install the web plugin when I go to preview the cameras - I have installed the web...
  3. T

    How to view Dahua cameras without browser plugins

    Browser plugins are going the way of the dodo so how can I view/setup my cameras? Good news, newer cameras and firmware updates for some cameras and NVRs no longer depend on Dahua's plugins. Unfortunately some now depend on Adobe Flash Player, which Adobe plans to kill in 2020. If your camera...
  4. P

    Webplugin not found

    Hi all, So at the beginning of the year I bought a Anbvision 1080P 2MP 10x Zoom PTZ IPCX-SCB405IP-V10-P which I presume is a Huisun PTZ and has firmware V2.1.1 Build 20161229101557S. Now the camera works fine using ONVIF but if I browse to the camera's web page and login and attempt to...