wyze cam

  1. AnimalHungry

    Tinycam webserver stopped streaming and won't restart

    I'm trying to use the webserver in Tinycam Pro to stream three Wyze cam feeds to Action Tiles on a Fire HD 8 tablet. I can see the three live feeds in the Tinycam live view, and I can log in to the Tinycam webserver through a browser, but there are now just grey screens where my three cam feeds...
  2. C

    Wyze Cam v2 - Anyone Tested - $19.99 - good reviews!

    Just wondered if anyone has tested this camera I came across during a google search, as it's ridiculously cheap - $19.99, 1080P and seem to have very good reviews: WyzeCam: Buy Now $19.99 Definitely indoor only, but might be an alternative to the Hikvision cube. Sounds interesting, especially...