Can BI/DS detect birds?

Aug 16, 2021
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Hi there,
Newbie here from Finland,
I have not yet purchased anything so have a blank slate....However I have an unusual use case!
My pier and boat are being fouled by seagulls. I have a water spray and small, but effective, homemade air dancer, but infra-red detection is ineffective. The bright sunshine glinting off the ripples triggers almost continuously and the body mass of the birds is too small to create an effective heat signature. So my question is "Can Blue Iris / Deep Stack / AI reliably detect Gull sized birds?" I know there are bird table camera systems for birdwatchers that can identify specific bird species and types from 50cm, but this is NOT my use case. I want to trigger the water spray and air dancer when a gull lands on my boat or pier from cameras 5-15 metres away (approx 15 to 50 feet) . Does anyone have any experience , advice or suggestions whether this is feasible with current BI/DS/AI development before I invest in a rather expensive winter project for next season?
Many thanks,


Getting the hang of it
Sep 10, 2021
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Too bad gulls aren't as wise as ravens and similar. You can piss one of them off or threaten one, and that information (your profile, including which vehicles you drive etc) will all be disseminated down through generations. They have even done tests where a guy will wear a Nixon mask or something like that, go to a park, and while there pull out a dead raven. Well, after that whenever that man appeared in the mask, it became a no fly zone basically. I think the man could even wear the Nixon mask upside down .. didn't matter. A generation or more later the ravens were still showing hyper-vigilance and avoidance behaviours. And they can track vehicle use as well. Whatever the bad guy is driving week to week gets the poop parade. The wife's vehicle? Perfectly fine .. they can even switch parking spots. Doesn't matter.

I would also look at what they're natural predators are, and see if you can mimic those calls. Seagull inbound = trigger raptor call, or fox fight .. something which digs deep into their mammalian brain, and sends them running for their lives.

Scott, let us know what solutions you might have come up with. It's an interesting use case.