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Aug 11, 2020
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I intended to share this video when it was first broadcasted but totally forgot! :facepalm: There isn't anything new in this video that hasn't been covered by a lot of other media content. Having said that there is a interesting thing I've only seen mentioned once and that is the Tiger Chair. The basic premise of this technology is analogous to a lie detector.

Instead of monitoring a persons blood pressure and electrical impulses it compares a person facial expressions to a data base. This is similar to the TV show Lie to me . . .

In that TV show the main character is well trained to pick up on what is known as Micro Expressions. He is the epitome of a lie detector. In poker loosely speaking people will simply call it as a Tell. :thumb: Meaning if they see you (just a random example) blink a certain way this is a tell that you're thinking a very specific way or feel that way. Maybe when that person does a triple blink he has a very weak hand and is just trying to bluff?

In other real world cases when a person drops their eyes or looks upwards to a certain direction this indicates a specific part of their brain is being used and denotes some kind processing whether it be true / false.

Regardless, I thought it was interesting the Tiger Chair came up because facial analytics is really gaining steam. I can appreciate the technology behind it all but we all know people are just going to abuse the same . . .

Tiger Chair, coming to a city near you . . . :facepalm: