Idiots in Cars - Pure Negligence

Sep 17, 2021
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Another problem these days is that are so many young drivers driving without any consideration for others on the road; veering left and right in front of other vehicles, not using turn signals, too many close encounters, almost as if the public roads are theirs to own. Jeez, if you want to full throttle or test your exhaust, test it on a back road. Thank goodness my front and rear Dash Cameras keep my temper down as I'm driving. I've documented and witness just about everything with Dash Cameras, seeing other drivers race, cut others off, engage in road rage, reckless driving, and even outrunning highway patrol units.
Did you ever walk through the parkinglot of a movie theater when the first showing of "Need for speed" had just finished? Kids now days got Grand Theft Auto 5 to teach them how to drive......and it shows.....
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Jul 18, 2016
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What happened to down shifting and using the emergency brake? I
I have a beef with the new automatics that won't let you downshift if it would exceed the redline, and do a forced upshift when hitting the redline going downhill. It's nice to save the engine, but I'd rather risk the engine if the alternative is flying off the side of the mountain road after a brake failure. The emergency brake barely does squat going downhill.