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Mar 22, 2020
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Well, it look less than a month between initial install and capturing my first person looking through my cars. this person came through my back drive, and then out to the front where he looked in another one of my 10 vehicles. Judging by the way he came down the alley and through my property, I'm guessing this wasn't his first time looking for things in my cars. He left a friend who was walking in the direction he followed to go through my things. I took this screen shot of "Max" and sent it to a neighbor. I also had the police come in and view the 5 different cameras that Max made an appearance on before going to speak with him regarding the incident. I knew that this kid would somehow be known to them ahead of time.

TL;DR- Caught a kid looking in my cars, and I'm very grateful to the forum members who have really gone above and beyond to help me get this going. Also, thanks to Andy who set me up with everything.