Space X - Like Landing


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Aug 11, 2020
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Everyday I see people from all walks of life from young, old, to novice to professionals. Who in their own way excel and lead the way to inspire others to do the same. This video show cases the culmination of seven (7) long hard years for this young lad. There are space agencies that have been at the so called space game for decades and none of them have accomplished the same like Space X / Amazon Origin.

Unlike these serious commercial endeavors this launch and landing is and was achieved by Joe Public. :thumb:

Yes, this isn't a real rocket that weighs tens of thousands of pounds or carries a pay load. Regardless, the basic principles are there along with the shear fact its never been done before in the model rocket realm.

Much less by anyone in other real space agencies - either!

Hopefully this video inspires those involved in whatever project to keep on going. Hard work, dedication, and pushing through will get you to the finish line - In Life! :headbang: