Want to start afresh. Ideal setup to watch Clips from Dahua NVR?


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Mar 7, 2020
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Hi again all. To start, here’s my setup:

NVR - Dahua DHI-NVR5216-16p-4ks2e (2x4TB drives)
Cams - I have a range of recent Dahua cam’s: ipc-t5241h-as-pv, 2x ipc-t5442tm-as, etc......(6 in total)
The house (including cams) is wired with CAT6. All cam’s connected directly to NVR, then NVR directly to computer.

Now, my desktop PC just died (power supply I think). It’s getting old anyway, so I was thinking I might set something up with the security setup in mind. I’ve not yet had much luck with playback, getting the clips I want, downloading and so on. On both my (dead) PC, and on Apple laptops and iPad (using iDMSS), video has always been staggered and crappy. Live video seems fine.

I have tried various browsers (Explorer (yuk) best, then Safari, and Firefox not so good.

Option and question:

- I have an unused Intel NUC 7i7BNH, and some Samsung 960 EVO m.2 ssd memory. I planned to use it for a music project but never did. I was thinking I might dabble in Linux and set it up with Mageia operating system. It’s a grunty i7, and it should do 4K video easily. How would I best do this? Should I go the Blue Iris route, or try iDMSS again first? Do I need to load Windows instead? Would the i7 be overkill?

I still need a “normal” desktop. Should I keep the NUC for security and hi-res music duties (and try to keep it “clean” and set up another desktop? Other options? I also think I might get a NAS (something like a 4 bay Synology). That way I could look to keep all data on the NAS and try to keep any (new) computer uncluttered!



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Oct 23, 2016
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If you want to run Blue Iris you're stuck with Windows. But a Nuc is not ideal for that because you can't fit a big hdd in it (you want to save your data on the same machine).

Is the Nuc beefy enough to be your daily driver? If it is you can pick up a HP or Dell machine for BI. A lot of threads on that in the BI section