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Hi Andy,

I bought an IPC-T2431T-AS camera in June 2021 and have been pleased with it. Yesterday, it stopped broadcasting video. I can still log into the camera and access settings, but no video. I have checked all connections, rebooted, still no video. Is the camera still under warranty?
Dear Team, I am working on HIKVISION cctv cameras a corporate LAN. They have remote branches and want the cameras footage recorded in the HQ. At the HQ, I have an NVR with 24 HDD ( Ds- 96128NI ), large capacity. I also have Hik-Central VMS. My question is, can I use the NVR as a Network Attached Storage ( NAS ). That is configure the Hik-central application to a PC as Server, and then Use the NVR as NAS?
Hey, few questions about NVR, can your NVR work with Dahua cameras and vice versa?
I heard that NVRs + external PoE switch is more reliable and considered better than NVR with a built in switch, is that correct?
What is a good 16ch NVR (with or without PoE depending on the previous answer), with analytics, and connections to HDD, alarm and external display?
Andy, I have a few IP8M-2439EW Amcrest cams outside now. They are OK but in two locations I would like to get a bit better low light performance (the two that cover the driveway and outside parking area. Would like to do that without breaking the bank. What would you recommend? Plan on re-purposing the Amcrests to the basement.
Hi Andy, I have a QC918B that I want to be able to remote view. Can you help?
Hi Andy,

I'm based in Australia and am looking to purchase through your Aliexpress store, I'm looking to get the following T5442TM-AS and T2431TM-AS-S2. Would you be able to recommend a lower budget version of the T2431TM that I will be using in a low access area? Also, would you be able to do a deal as I'll be purchasing 3 cameras?

Thank you Andy
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Hi Nathan,

The lower budget than 2431TM, just use the IPC-T2431T-AS, this one is plastic one, work same as the T2431TM-AS.
Just send you a DM for further talking.

Today when I do my daily job I suddenly remember old days that Analogue Camera we used to have Matrix and We had a fix monitor which out-put was direct recording on DVR and we do call camera for Patron Face Scan from Keyboard and use PTZ for Patron Face Scan but I try to figure out how to do the same in Hikvision NVR? I do have HikVision NVR, Decoder as well as Keyboard (all network) but still didn't figure-out how to go old school? Recording on one specific monitor then output to NVR and do camera call on that mentioned monitor so we don't have to check every single NVR for used PTZ.
Hi Andy,

I just got burned buying, from Amazon, an IPC-HFW2231T-ZS. The problem is that the 2MP really doesn't cut it in image quality.

Also the motorized zoom does not function when trying to utilize it in Blue Iris (near as I can tell).

My question is which of these two models would be a better choice: an IPC-B5842E-ZE or an IPC-T5842T-ZE with regards to image clarity, low-light quality, and overall build/longevity? They are about
$100 more than what I just paid.

Thank you for any input.


The 2mp has bit good nighttime pics compare to normal high resolution cameras.
Those 5842 ones are using 1/1.8cmos and more AI functions than the 2231, 2231 just a normal bullet camera, and work well at low light places.
There has good review on the forum about the 5842 ones. Work great.
motorized zoom function just set it at ptz setting.
Camera properties then ptz tab
Dear Andy,

I am planning to buy several of your IPC-T5442T-ZE cameras. I want to make them less noticeable. Can I use white paint on the black plastic circle, outside of the rectangular camera opening?

Thank you!
Hi buddy

The black plastic circle can't paint into white, there has IR light and sensor in it, if you paint the white, camera will not work in the night, so don't paint.
Thank you!
Hello, I loaded PC softrware and seems to be working well. My phone install is another matter.It keeps erroring wrong user name and password...
Hi did you find out how to make Imou cruiser scan, patrol or tour? I do not get it, I can set points, but it is useless if I can't use it for automatic movement over predefined points. Camera itself supports Smart tracking so it is few stpes from point to point movement and they did not implement it into? I am very dissapointed by purchasing this "PTZ" :(.
Imou cruiser supports smart-tracking, 3 pre-set points, auto home point,
For some options, you need a subscription. I will try then update. I just got one.
I do not want to use paid subsc and I am in a doubt that subsc. will allow you to do it. I have found there is a way to comunicate with Dahua cameras over API, I am not sure if it is supported by Cruiser. I can't check it tout with API it works only on localnetwork and I have no access, I am 600km away from camera :).
Here is the API If you want to try out: DAHUA_HTTP_API_V2.84

It might be this document, I am not sure :(

What does it mean "auto home point"?

+ dahua-camera-ptz/ at master · git-moe/dahua-camera-ptz somebody already created php script, it's worth to try
I have an LTS NVR Model LTN8716Q-P16 that has been working great until suddenly it went completely offline. Disconnected power, removed battery and replaced held down the only button on the motherboard and no response. The only indication of trouble is all 16 POE port leds flash twice on power up then about 4 seconds later all flash once then 4 seconds later all flash two times and on and on.
Disconnected the Hard Drive reseated all connectors, no video output of anykind does not do a post beep.
I'm sure it is probably toast but thought I seek help in case someone has a tip. Thanks Bob