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  1. ipnewuser
    ipnewuser EMPIRETECANDY
    Hi Andy,

    I would like to buy 2 IPC-HDW5231R-ZE. Can you please PM the cost? Thank you. I will also send an email to you.
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  2. Danny LIm
    Danny LIm whoslooking
    Need some help here. My Hikvision DS-7608N-E2 8P has gone into 15 beeps and then reboot itself after firmware upgrade. I can ping both and but I'm not able to see NVR taking the file. Is there a special cable to connect to the board, like a usb to pin? If so, you what type of cable is that? Thanks.
  3. Bulakbolero
    Bulakbolero EMPIRETECANDY
    HI looking for 4 bullet camera. please pm me.Thanks
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  4. Krispaintballz
    Krispaintballz EMPIRETECANDY
    Hey andy looking to get an 8 camera system. They told me to talk with you. Let me know thanks
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  5. medtech1
    medtech1 dennis_ca
    Hey Dennis, can you please provide hikvision's url for the V5.4.7 build 180611 firmware version? thanks. I bought a new DS-2CD4A26FWD-IZHS/P but the version is v5.4.5 build 170914. I'm also curious how much better the zoom is for yours with that lens. (I'm in Vancouver, and actually wanted an LPR just to try and get more plates with all the courier package thefts happening around here.

  6. N3UJJ
    N3UJJ alastairstevenson
    Seems like you are the resident expert on Hikvision here.
    I'm trying to help out a friend that bricked a DS-9016HFI-ST, and have only spent about 20 minutes with it so far, I tried to connect to the console (RS-232) port on the back to watch what was going on and saw nothing, the only thing that is not clear to me is if I need a null modem cable or a straight thru serial cable.
  7. TidalWaveOne
    TidalWaveOne latropa
  8. Homer
    Hi Andy, I just sent you a query email about a camera.
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  9. Atechnical
    Atechnical EMPIRETECANDY
    Andy do you have any NVR5208-4KS2 or NVR5216-4KS2 and prices for each. Thanks
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  10. smithb
    I'm kind of a big deal...
  11. mik
    mik vector18
    hey there, I'm having issues with the cameras i've put on the light pole. The wires are going dead. I'm planning on using ubiquity TouchCable Carrier wire.

    Any thoughts on why the cables are going to crap? Maybe they are just cheap wire?

    I just don't want to run the wires a third time.

    hope you are doing well, Mike
  12. drrich1101
    drrich1101 EMPIRETECANDY
    I cannot get back to you through ali Express, the reply doesnt work, but I need 9 cameras. I dont need the vari focus for most of them. I think it's best for me to sit down and figure out exactly which cameras I want first, then see if u agree and can get. Thanks.
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      Sent you a PM, please check
      Oct 17, 2018 at 9:40 AM
    Get a new IPC-HFW5831E-ZE to test out soon.
  14. NoneYa44
    Hey Andy I'm very interested in that 4k turret Cameraguy is talking about.. May ask what you are selling them for? I know I for sure want one... Maybe two..let me know... None Ya... Aka shhhh
  15. AEYE
    Andy. I sent you an email ( Oct 2 at 12:16 PM
    for a camera. In addition, am also interested in Dahua DH-SD22204T-GN 2mp 4X Mini PTZ. thanks.
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  16. robertcj01
    robertcj01 EMPIRETECANDY
    Andy. I just sent you an email for some cameras.
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      Please check if get my reply, thank you.
      Oct 13, 2018
  17. Atlant12
    Atlant12 novex
    здравствуйте, я насчет проблем When I use control-U, right at the beginning it stops the bootloader but then the commands don't work anymore: I have no more answer. The dvr (DS-7216HUHI-K2) was wrongly updated from 3.5.35 version to 3.5.50 version.

    вы посоветовали но я не понял, можете обяснить ?
  18. Mike
    Mike tsutton
    Thanks for the spam report.
  19. llowell
    Blue Iris user
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  20. marcusone
    marcusone EMPIRETECANDY
    Looking for a DS-2CD4A26FWD-IZS, can you send me a link to your store to purchase, or other details? for an LPR setup, shipping to Canada. thanks.
    1. marcusone
      what is the best way to order cameras form you? alliexpress link, i can't find one/you on there.
      Oct 17, 2018 at 11:20 AM
  21. azapa
    Hey ANdy, Interested in a cheapish standalone anpr soluction without NVR, like the DS-2CD4A26FWD-IZS. Can you please PM me a quote for one test unit with shipping to Chile. Thanks. Simon
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  22. Robert Van Cleve
    Robert Van Cleve EMPIRETECANDY
    Hello Andy. Sending email for quote on couple cameras.
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  23. Teddy Ted
    Teddy Ted
    Red Light -“Night Vision”
  24. IseeUgopee
    Alive and Kickin' in the wet Cornfields of Iowa!!!
  25. Jerrynaut
    interested in ptz camera with duplex audio and sd card port. can you email some suggestions? thanks.
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  26. Gunther
    Gunther fenderman
    I inadvertently posted my topic "Is this a good PC base to start a build using Blue Iris?" in the Pics forum when I meant to post it to 'NVRs, DVRs and PCs'. Can you move it? Sorry and thanks!
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  27. napsack
    Hey Andy, I sent an email regarding some info on some cameras. Thanks.
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  28. Artie812
    Artie812 wrybread
    wrybread, I wonder if you could answer a question I have on the SD49225 camera. I just installed an SD card in my camera but it doesn't feel right. It slides in easy enough but shouldn't it 'lock in' some how? Mine pushes in and then slides back out an eighth of an inch or so. Was yours like that?
    1. Artie812
      Well, thanks anyway.
      Oct 10, 2018
  29. aloau
  30. crossStreet
    На всяукий случай задайте этот вопрос прямо продаву. Возможно это потом поможеть с возвратом, если каера сломается при прошивке.