Mar 9, 2014
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    1. TL1096r
      Thanks for the help fenderman.
    2. zillah
      Thanks fenderman for your help issue sorted
    3. zillah
    4. Costel Gabriel Iescu
      Costel Gabriel Iescu
      Hello. Can someone help me with a firmware update for this DVR HikVision 7108N-SNP.P v3.0.13 Build 150503 for est europ (Romania) Thank you in advance ?
    5. dahuaximon
      hi Admin, may I know how to be a vendor here
      1. Mike
        I am sending you a PM
        Mar 4, 2019
    6. Delani
      Can some one please help me to reset password for my hickvision DVR i've got the serial number
    7. Mohammed Salim
      Mohammed Salim
      Dear Support Team,

      I have issue with my client's NVR,when am trying to add the SN in HIK DDNS and EZVIZ its saying added by another user.can you please remove this NVR from another unknown account.I have attached the image with the serial number and

      This NVR configured in Saudi Arabia.

      Serial Number is : 1620160406CCRR588975937WCVU

      Model: DS-7732NI-14/16P

      Your immediate reply will be highly appreciated.
    8. Gunther
      I inadvertently posted my topic "Is this a good PC base to start a build using Blue Iris?" in the Pics forum when I meant to post it to 'NVRs, DVRs and PCs'. Can you move it? Sorry and thanks!
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    9. Francisco73
      What are the "robots" on line? I hope that they are not able to enter as members.
      1. fenderman
        Yes, be very careful, they may attack you. Are you really serious?
        Aug 19, 2018
      2. Francisco73
        I was not very serious.
        Aug 19, 2018
    10. blacktuxman
      Hi - Is there anyway I can change my name ASAP? I am too easy to find when you google me.
    11. Bett Desmond
      Bett Desmond
      kindly help me to unbound this dvr tried to add device am told already added to another account model DS-7216HWI-SH ,Serial No 497977076,verification code LXSRRT
    12. 6478
      hi...I.m new to all this....so i need some help....does the tripwire and motion need to be both set because i only seem to be receiving snaphots with motion and when i disable motion nothing comes thru.....
    13. Amu
      Hi Fenderman, Need Super Urgent support from you, my team is deployed at a client location right now and facing critical issues with blue iris. Are you available for immediate support? Ive written to Blue Iris but they havent responded yet
      1. fenderman
        please post your questions on the forum
        May 31, 2018
      2. Amu
        I am new here dont know how to do that yet
        May 31, 2018
      3. Amu
        I have created a threat in Blue Iris Trouble Shooting. Please check
        May 31, 2018
    14. tyaldo

      My camera system was working perfectly fine when I was away or near the location but just recently it keeps showing connection failed on the IVMS-4500 app. when I am away from the location. But it still works fine when I am at the location. Is there anything you think i can do to my settings to get it back to how it was before?
      1. RyanODan
        How do you have it set up for remote access? Hik-Connect or did you forward ports in your router?
        Jun 1, 2018
    15. Shola

      My client forgot his username and password for his EZVIZ account. How can i delete device on the account and create a new one?

      Please, i need your urgent response on this.

      Thank you.
      1. RyanODan
        Hey Shola,

        You need to contact Hikvision or EZVIZ to remove the serial number from the email address. There is no other way around this unless they know their email address they used when registering. If they remember their email address you can get the password reset by going to ezvizlife.com and using the forgot password link.
        May 7, 2018
    16. sri
      Hello pls help me in this issue.NVR in 2016 Model No.- DH7816 RH, We are using WD40PURZ harddisk and configuring RAID5 but after creating RAID5 it will show total space 16 TB but after 5 minutes it is showing 0 MB space and no recording is happen. We are using total 5HDD of 4TB.
      1. fenderman
        Please post on the forum
        Apr 21, 2018
    17. JesseF
      Hello, you were helping me in a thread with my JVC cameras. I am still having trouble. With what I posted do you think that the cameras will work? I am going to sell them if they are ultimately not compatible. Also, do you offer any type of pay for service where I can hire you to log on and configure the camera? Thanks, Jesse.
      1. fenderman
        I will login and help you at no cost...PM me with your TeamViewer credentials later tonight
        Feb 20, 2018
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      2. JesseF
        Thank you! What version of Teamviewer do you use?
        Feb 20, 2018
    18. angelito dumogho
      angelito dumogho
      Hi Sir. Can you help me in my nvr issue? I have DS-7604ni-se/p. test email failed. I try to use smtp port 25, 465 and 587. I use the same configuration on the DVR i will work will.
    19. inspector
      I get the error code 8000274c.
    20. Yussif Ismaila
      Yussif Ismaila
      Hi there !!! Please I need help asap cause this thing is eating me up!!! I just connected a dahua 8channels nvr to 3ip cameras and all I can see on my monitor screen is (the login return time is up) and I'm thinking of factory resetting the 3ip cameras!! Any help please
      1. fenderman
        you need to post on the forum..not on my profile..
        Nov 5, 2017
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