Double-NAT configuration for Blue Iris remote access

Double-NAT configuration for Blue Iris remote access

You can set up ipcamtalk DDNS here:
Addresses and port numbers used here are examples only. Your own addresses may be different and you can choose your own port numbers.
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I acknowledge in advance that there is a simple answer to this question, but here goes: Due to a new fiber service in my area, my primary router (an Orbi752) is now behind a second router, which is a newer CenturyLink router (no way around this dual setup). So I've got the dual router setup per this thread title. In the CenturyLink router, the IP address for the Orbi router is In the Orbi router, the IP address for my Blue Iris server is As I a try to follow the diagram, the problem I'm running into is I'm not able to forward ports from CenturyLink router to the Orbi because they are difference device segments. Again, I'm sure I'm missing something obvious but would appreciate guidance in the right direction.
@Billyjack5 Look for the WAN address of your Orbi router. It will be in the correct subnet so that the CenturyLink router can forward a port to it. Note that the Orbi's WAN address may change periodically if you don't assign it statically or give it a reservation in the CenturyLink router.
Appreciate the response, bp2008. I'm still a bit stuck. The IP address of the Orbi router and the "Internet Port"--also referred to as the "external IP address" in an Orbi configuration menu, is In the CenturyLink router I've forwarded external port 8000 to, which I assume is the port 81 on the Orbi router. The IP address of my Blue Iris server is on the Orbi router. On the Orbi router when I forward external port 81 to internal port 81 using IP address, I'm still not not able to access by Blue Iris server remotely. Any thoughts about what I'm doing wrong?
CenturyLink router not blocking port 8000. I ended up resolving my issue by using ZeroTier to create a secure connection. Even after putting the Orbi into AP mode I couldn't get it work until I set up ZeroTier.

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