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    Blue Iris UI3

    @bp2008 how does the UI3 dynamic layout work in BI 5.5+? When viewing a group of cameras, it appears to still be a composite stream rendered by BI rather than multiple individual camera streams, but if I resize the browser window the layout changes. Does UI3 send the window resolution (or...
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    Watchdog probmems

    Awesome, great service. Thanks for building and maintaining it!
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    Watchdog probmems

    @Mike, how frequently does the watchdog service poll the specified server? I just started using Uptime Watchdog this week and it's working great. I noticed I get an email when my server goes down for a reboot, and another after it's back up, so it must be at least every minute or so? Thanks!
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    Anyone getting T+0 msec in deepstack analysis Windows?

    Interesting. Yes, I was using hi-res jpeg. Will try DB only and see how it behaves :)
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    Anyone getting T+0 msec in deepstack analysis Windows?

    I don't remember what determines it. For comparison, my settings are Pre-trigger video buffer of 1.5 sec, Analyze one every 500ms Begin analysis with motion-leading edge checked and I get these results:
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    Anyone getting T+0 msec in deepstack analysis Windows?

    Do you have “begin analysis with motion-leading edge” checked or unchecked? Also what is your “pre-trigger video buffer" set to?
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    I didn't need another ginormous UPS

    Nice, where do you look for them locally? Craigslist? Marketplace? Auctions? Corporate recycling?
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    Blueiris schedule and Reolink auto IR

    bp2008 shared his thoughts on reolink in a post last month:
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    Remote management drop down menu disappeared.

    Has your screen resolution changed? Is the window just too small to show it?
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    Help with choosing best option for Blue Iris PC

    When you "make an offer" on listings like these, how much can you realistically undercut their Buy It Now prices? Looking to purchase another system for a family member and might go the eBay route.
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    Wiring IP Cameras

    Indoor or outdoor cameras? Do you have an accessible attic or crawl space? I ran a number of my outdoor cams to the soffit via the attic. Some were wired adjacent to existing flood lights or switches. I drilled through the foundation wall to place a couple other exterior cams. For my 80 year...
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    Remotely start/stop recording via cellphone or computer desktop shortcut? Maybe NFC stickers?

    I use an NFC tag to run an HTTP command to change profiles in BI. I have it by the door and tap it with my phone to disable alerts when I’m going to mow the lawn.
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    Scrubbing within alert?

    I just emailed BI support to request this ability. Please consider doing the same, @IReallyLikePizza2, since the more users who request something, the better chance it'll be added.
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    Scrubbing within alert?

    I know it’s not scrubbing, but on the mobile app you can tap on the right and left side of the video to skip forward or backward by five seconds. I’d also like the option for the scrub bar to only represent the duration of the alert (break time) rather than the whole clip it’s a part of.