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    Sweet! LTS is releasing an ONVIF compatible doorbell with SD card slot and 940nm IR

    Everytime I reset my Uniden DB-1 by Holding down the side button to reboot. it changes the password to some default when logging into its webpage. I need that password for logging in and watching it live in NVMS7000. The password is not the one I selected in the app software, and it's not 12345...
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    Adding Microphone to Hikvision IP camera DS-2CD2135F

    I would like to add to this.. You cannot select mic in/line in. Only line in is available in the pull down menu on this ds-2cd2135f-is. So it looks as though it will need a powered mic. I did try a small non-powered mic, it will not work. I have the mic working in my other Hikvision models.