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    4MP Budget Cam Black Friday Giveaway

    Thanks for putting on this contest! I will install the camera by my back walk out basement door! That way I can better keep track of all the yard invaders... in my case 4 deer and a rabbit...
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    Mini-PTZ Give-Away Qontest

    Yikes! Glad I didn’t win lol! Lesson learned... always read the Qdisclaimers!
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    Help ! wifi cameras

    The only WiFi camera I use is for my door bell. I had to put a WiFi extender 3 feet away from the darn thing to even get it to stay mostly working. I get notifications every 2-3 days with the picture that is all blurry because it lost signal. At that point I have to restart the extender and WiFi...
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    10 TB WD100EMAZ for surveillance storage

    I would have no issues running that drive. I would definitely put it through a few rounds of tests to help rule out any early infancy hard drive issues.
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    Corrupt or disc error: 8000ffff

    Not that I am aware of but if you reassures you, I reported this issue BI support last Wednesday and got the response from Ken? (They didn’t sign the email) that version fixes this issue.
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    Mini-PTZ Give-Away Qontest

    This year I hope to find out how many security cameras it takes before my wife finally looses it.... Haha, hopefully not, but for real this year, I am excited to introduce my daughter to the world and hoping to still get the same amount of sleep!
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    Attempted burglary caught on camera in Fort Walton Beach [FL]

    Ahh but you’re doing the maths all wrong. See a cell phone captures 4K video so if we use a phone to record the 1080P computer screen and split the difference (because maths) we get a 2K video! Pretty neat stuff and we clearly can now outsmart the guy attempting and failing miserably, to break...
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    Pricks going thru my car and one says the guys name. lol

    Yup, even if you’re leaving your car for a second, LOCK THE DOORS! A lady who lives in my county left her car running and went into a gas station to “quickly” get a drink. In that small timeframe, her car was stolen and crashed into wall a few miles down the road... I don’t mean to blame the...
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    D- Grade Install at 6 Flags

    Super awesome rare earth magnets! But actually thinking about this from the contractor viewpoint, if you have ever been inside a parking garage, they run all the electrical through conduit attached to the steel by metal clips. The conduit runs to the junction box and is pretty sturdy with the...
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    D- Grade Install at 6 Flags

    Oh your absolutely right. I was thinking more what would I do to install it myself... I didn’t consider how an installer would bid this. As we can see, zip ties was low bid!
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    D- Grade Install at 6 Flags

    I’m sure you could rig something up that clamps to both sides of the beam. If you knew how to weld, get a square piece of steel and prep that non structural steel to work with the camera and weld it to the bottom. Epoxying the steel to the steel would probably work, I bet there is even a...
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    Need Advise On Powering 2 Cameras

    Technically I could run a second cable through the attic but I would have to wait a few months. The attic is likely averaging 110 degrees these days and I don’t suspect I would make it. I do like the idea of a bigger better POE switch for inside... although I would also like to upgrade my hard...
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    Need Advise On Powering 2 Cameras

    I currently have a CAT 6 cable running through my attic to my unfinished garage and to an exterior camera on the side of my garage. It is being supplied with 15.4 W with my Ubiquiti UniFi Switch 8 60W (US-8-60W). I would like at add a hikivison cube cam in my garage. I am trying to figure out...
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    My wife is trying to make me buy Reolink for Prime Day

    I ran Bl on a virtual machine to test it out for a bit, but found out pretty quickly that a dedicated pc is best. So can you, sure... but I wouldn’t do CAD on the machine while BI is running. I don’t have an outside PTZ but I do have an inside one. Having the ability to quickly change the view...
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    Lookin for a BABY Camera.

    If I am reading between the lines correctly, this would be your first security camera? If so, you really should just consider a stand alone baby monitor... unless you are actually planning on adding a bunch of cameras in the near future. It wouldn’t be worth the effort to setup any nvr/BI just...