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    request information on notification by email

    Hello I am trying to connect to our company's NVR by typing code tests that can be our boss made as code and I wonder if access attempt notifications happen in every try or just when it gives the message: device locked, re-try in 30 minutes. the 2 photos in attachments. Thank you.
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    request help to view cameras with ivms

    Hello I try to visualize a remote hikvision camera with ivms (hik connect p2p) he asked me for a verification code which is on the label of the device and I wonder where this code is. thank you
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    Hikvision camera admin password reset tool

    Hello I have hikvision camera that I could reinitialize the password with the program posted by Mr bp2008, this program allowed me to change the password of each camera but it does not allow to change the password of the NVR, so I have no access. can you help me in this subject? thank you.