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    UI3 error in Homeseer HSTouch

    Any Ideas on how to fix this.
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    Mystery Symbol (Icon)

    That is the "Run maintainance" icon for the Database. Right click on the clips and choose Database at the bottom, then choose "Run Maintanace" and the icon will appear.
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    4.7.5 - May 23, 2018

    Yes I do. I disabled the Reolinks and everything works fine. Update: Unchecking "Limit decoding unless required" on the Reolinks solved my issue.
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    4.7.5 - May 23, 2018

    I'm having the same crashing issue on two computers. One uses harware acceleration one does not. I've contacted support and hope to hear back soon.
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    Blue Iris URLs for external streams

    I had the same problem with authentication. I had to setup another user other than "admin" that had administrative rights, and use that name for authentication.
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    Blue Iris URLs for external streams

    Try /admin?camera=x&preset=n It is much easier. When using the pos command the positions 0-6 are used for move up,dn left, right, ect. So to got to preset 1 you would use 7, 8 for preset 2.
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    Trigger PTZ preset through BI web interface

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    Hit and run last night.
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    trigger camera with http command

    Try I have to have the port number in the command for mine to work. Also make sure Duhua_Turret is the SHORT camera name.
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    Events: reguest 8000ffff

    I had the same problem. I had to uncheck "Get events with PullPointSubscription". It is in the Video/Network page in camera properties. Go to the Video tab and then "Configure" I'm not sure why this just started with the latest update. Waiting on a response from Support.
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    HTTP URL Triggers

    No recent changes that I know of.
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    Control PTZ Presets with another Cameras Trigger

    The delays do cause a problem. You might be able to use Zone Crossing in the Motion Setting and Object Detection to keep the camera from moving back, but that would end up getting complicated and involve more cloned cameras. Under Alerts menu there is a Disarm time delay but I'm not sure if that...
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    Control PTZ Presets with another Cameras Trigger

    The way I handled the problems that you are having, was to control it with a Veraplus controller and PIR motion sensors. The PIR sensors do not seem to react as bad to the camera IRs. This may not work in your case though. You can play with the Min. duration (Make time) on the camera motion...
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    HTTP URL Triggers

    There were some changes. I had to add "&user=[your username]&pw=[your password] to each command line.
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    Control PTZ Presets with another Cameras Trigger

    There are a couple of problems tho. The Huisun PTZ 10x is not fast enough to track fast moving objects like cars. You can not use multiple zones to make multiple actions. I use cloned cameras for different zones. I also use the zone crossing feature to anticipate the direction of the object I'm...