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    BI4 & Pushsafer working, but without screenshot (plus couple questions)

    Im a bit confused on why you need the PushSafer app because BI sends push alerts directly to your device and does it instantly. Delay time is under half a second for me.
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    UI3 Wont Load in Chrome

    Hey guys for the past 6+ months I'm unable to view my UI3 through Chrome but works just fine on Safari or Firefox. Tested this on 3 different computers, all do the exact same thing. Is there something in Chrome causing this? It just sits there trying to load the page for 30+ min, never gives...
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    Live Preview Suddenly Freezing

    Well shoot me in the foot. After spending hours playing around with settings, researching drivers...etc I failed to notice the red pause icon in the top right of the screen that says "Pause Live" and as soon as I clicked that, everything worked great again, no freezing lol. Maybe this is a...
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    Live Preview Suddenly Freezing

    Hey guys, avid Blue Iris user here for the past 2 years or so. Currently running the latest update ( x64) and suddenly I notice that the live view for all cameras (I have 17 IP cameras) is suddenly freezing after about 1 second. If i go to a specific camera, the picture updates then it...
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    5.0.3 - New Edge Vector Motion Algorithm

    I live in a home surrounded by 50 palm trees constantly blowing in the wind making motion detection extremely difficult to be accurate, luckily Sentry has done an amazing job at suppressing 90% of false alerts however this new Edge Vector seems to be doing an amazing job too now.
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    Auto delete clips stored in BI that failed Sentry detection.

    I know this has been mentioned a few times already but wanted to push the notion a bit harder. Ability to auto-delete saved alert clips after XX minutes if Sentry determines its a false alert and to surprise it. In my case, Sentry blocks 95% of my motion alerts (400+ Daily) since their trees...
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    Blue Iris 4 to 5 Migration Guide was just released 20min ago.
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    Blue Iris 4 to 5 Migration Guide

    I have a 16 camera setup with a bunch of custom settings and triggers in BI4 and finally did the upgrade to BI5 today. My upgrade version was x64... 1) Downloaded from BlueIris 2) Installed BI5 3) Uninstalled BI4 4) Done Honestly, it was that easy. No bugs or errors received and...
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    On-premise version

    I have 16 cameras going through BlueIris & Sentry and have been using Sentry extensively since it was released (2 months ago?). 1) Detection of humans is probably close to 98% accurate. I've had my large German shepherd detected as a human maybe 10 times out of the 1,000+ alerts he created. 2)...
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    Sentry User Feedback

    I've been getting a ton of these errors today... Sentry: Error: An error occurred (UnrecognizedClientException) when calling the GetItem operation: The security token included in the request is invalid.
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    What is your experience with Sentry?

    When I get SMS alerts I get almost a paragraph of extra info in each msg such as "We processed xxx images yesterday....". While the info is good, getting it 100 times daily is redundant, anyway to suppress this?
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    What is your experience with Sentry?

    Sentry, Your order platform appears to be having issues. Trying to upgrade from the trial but the checkout page on Smart Home Sentry, Inc. is not loading. Edit: After trying about 6 times it finally did load and I was able to complete the purchase.
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    Sentry: 15s Timeout

    Anyone else seeing a bunch of timeouts yesterday and today?
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    What is your experience with Sentry?

    Sentry support is awesome! I submitted a ticket with some false negatives and support gave me a lengthy reply with an analysis of each alert I mentioned, not only that but they found a bug with the BlueIris integration they are working on fixing and extended my trial by another month just as a...
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    Sentry Smart Alerts is too expensive for me

    Honestly, I would have no problem paying $299/yr for 10 cameras or even more if Sentry really dialed in their product which I am sure they are doing right now. I get a little frustrated when Sentry is not working as expected or flags dogs as humans or fails to miss obvious human movement or...