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    Anyone interested in reviews of other brands?

    There is plenty of interest in camera reviews of other brands, however you must consider the audience and price range. I think Dahua starlights are already on the high end of what most people are willing to spend, at just $130-180 USD per camera. Those who are willing to spend a lot more will...
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    Camera feed changes to bright flashing colors

    This is something that happens with Intel hardware acceleration sometimes. I haven't been able to narrow it down any further than that. I used to think it only happened with Hikvision cams, but I've seen it on some Dahua too.
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    Blue Iris UI3

    @bdf0506 That sounds like a bug in Blue Iris. You should email BI support about it.
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    We've seen HIS game before

    Déjà vu
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    Script to export all alerts for a given camera

    You can do this from UI3, more or less. Go to the alerts tab and select all the alerts you want to export, then right click and choose Convert/export. UI3 will honor the alert boundaries. Don't use the re-encode option, as that will slow down an already slow process. To filter the alert list...
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    Good place to get fiber optic cable?

    No idea. I've never used that brand or model. But they probably are fine.
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    Good place to get fiber optic cable?

    Also, the cheapest fiber transceivers can be had from ebay. example: (3) Ericsson RDH 102 47/2 R2A RTXM192-406-C24 Single Mode Module 1000BASE-LX SFP | eBay That is 3x 1 Gbps transceivers (for single mode fiber with LC connectors) for $10 with free shipping. Can't touch that price buying new.
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    Good place to get fiber optic cable?

    Whatever you get, make sure the transceivers you buy are matched to the fiber type (single mode or multi mode) and connector (LC is most common). There are also two variants of LC connector you might find. APC (less common) and UPC (far more common). FiberCable comes with LC UPC connectors.
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    Good place to get fiber optic cable?

    I've used this stuff a few times: FiberCable It should be noted that the fibers sticking out the ends are really delicate so you would need to be very careful especially when feeding it through the conduit. On the bright side there are 6 single mode fibers in the cable whereas a typical...
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    Good place to get fiber optic cable?

    I'd say it is okay to run the fiber with power wiring if the fiber doesn't have metallic armor on it. Most doesn't.
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    Good place to get fiber optic cable? is a good place particularly for shorter lengths where the overhead of a regular retail store like amazon is too high. Or if you want a custom length.
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    I need your expertise

    I would just use a router with dual-WAN capability and either use a load balancing scheme (if more bandwidth is needed) or a simple fallback where if the primary connection drops, the secondary gets used for all outgoing traffic afterward. Typically with this kind of setup you can connect TO...
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    Immediate system crash

    Well he'd only need to disable HA if he wanted to use H.265 on it.
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    Considering Blue Iris for customer upgrade

    Some DVRs support sending video streams over the network, so you might be able to load the cameras in Blue Iris by pulling them from the NVR. Not a lot of people try capture cards anymore so I don't have a clue how cost-effective that route may be, or how well it might work.
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    BI mobile app Get IPS

    In Blue Iris Settings > About, look for the checkbox "Register IP address to assist with client app connections". This might not be checked on your system. Otherwise I recommend getting a dynamic DNS service and use the domain name from that instead of a raw IP address. If you install Blue...