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    Memory issues Dahua NVR

    Yay! Good job! Don't try to run, but you'll reach your goal (eventually)! Happy Camming! CC
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    Memory issues Dahua NVR

    ... but you did upgrade to the v4 firmware. Did that erroneous behavior already happened before that firmware ugprade? What I would suggest, is perform an elimination exercise., because there are ample uncertainties at the moment: disconnect all cams factory reset the NVR run hard drive, cpu...
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    New House - What Doorbell & Camera System

    Hi, I just fly in to counter these counter arguments: Dahua (with the VTO/VTH) combination does have inhouse screens possiblity, even with relais capability (eg turn on/activate electric door/fence). This can be done on a dedicated touch screen (with camera feed) or cell phone/tablet. See point...
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    Harvest 2019

    That chariot! Nice! Vroooom!
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    Tell SmartPSS to playback from NAS

    Hi! I think it would help if you describe who is creating these files on the NAS? Is it from (and done by) the camera's or SmartPSS who wrote those files? If it's done by the camera's, why don't you use a classic video player (eg media player classic)? PS. I only use smartpss in conjunction...
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    Building separate networks for home use

    Hello @ibdone ! These pictures do help! Indeed, your ISP gear is a "simple" modem+router device which does NAT and "translate" WAN IP to 192.168.x.x range. However you wrote a 10.1.1.x address to your ASUS router? The screenshots of your owned router with the vlan indeed looks promising! Even...
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    Pandemic threat? Anyone else concerned?

    Can you share links to your numbers? Thanks! I found this nice interactive report (gets updated every day): Especially the second tab (Rate of COVID19 spread) is disgusting and very alarming. Flatten the curve they say. I don't see any flattening going on :(...
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    Pandemic threat? Anyone else concerned?

    Animated flow for US&A infections: State by State Status of Confirmed Covid-19 Cases
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    Building separate networks for home use

    Hi @ibdone, all depends whether (or not) your ISP "modem" is configured as a "modem", "bridge" or "router". Typically, an "real" modem only has WAN IN and one LAN OUT, and "bridges" the WAN IP address to your "inside" network were a router takes over. If there are more than one LAN OUT, then...
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    Cannot change dahua NVR admin's password

    Thanks for reporting back! You are welcome! Take care! CC
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    Unable to change IP of Dahua IP Cam

    Sure :cool: Before configtool was a thing, you had to it oldskool: put your pc in the same network range as your camera (eg if it default to, you put your pc in for example). Then you can simply into the camera, you change the password, you...
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    Cannot change dahua NVR admin's password

    What about connecting a local screen (vga/hdmi)... and do your password change locally ? I remember other forum members having issues resetting the password remotely (and which was blocked for obvious security reasons).
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    Problem with Dahua

    Gutentag @DeejayT, I'm sorry to hear gDMSS is "pure hell". Me personally, I only use gDMSS and it does what it needs to do (mainly push notifications and jump straight into my NVR recording). But hey, that's me! ;-) Now you need to understand that gDMSS is (for obvious reasons) optimised for...
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    Building separate networks for home use

    Hello @ibdone! Welcome to IPCT! You are asking the right questions! However the answer is a bit depending on how you actually connect "two" routers (with two different subnets) to one single ISP WAN_OUT. Can you please draw your schematics with associated subnets please? There are multiple...
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    Dahua users deal with weird firmware? Other brands (Hikvision) not have problem?

    Hi there! Welcome! Lots of questions, let's drill through them: if you call @EMPIRETECANDY camera's expensive, then you should check out domestic Dahua camera sellers. In my region, Andy was more than 30-40% less expensive! all his camera's (unless specified otherwise) are pure English. And...