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  • Hello,
    I saw that you have made custom Hikvision firmwares in the past.
    I got some cameras which I discontinued by Hikvision, but I need to update the Onvif version - do you think that is possible with custom firmware, and could you help me get started?
    Thank you in advance!
    Hi CBX,
    I have a DS-2CD3232D-I5 Chinese cam I need help with changing the region code so I have English menus. Can you help me with this please?
    Aloha are you still able to work with the Hik Firmware for customizing? I have a challenge for you I can't get channel 2 on Onvif to work with Hikvision and they plain said it won't work. I'm certain it's a coding issue. Ever did a custom dav for DVR?
    Hi, I have recently bought hikvision camera den NVR unfortunately in Chinese? Do you still provide the service for converting it to English? I tried looking online but wasn't successful
    No - it means your camera is Chinese region but has hacked language files.

    But it's not a very good hack because the OSD day of the week will be Chinese, will only accept Chinese firmware upgrades and not work with devices (e.g. NVRs) or programs (e.g. iVMS) that are International region.

    It you need permanent region change you can PM me.


    can you tell me how?

    Hi can you still fix it
    I am interested in your Region changer.
    I bought a 2032 camera a week ago from Amazon US and everything was fine, including registering to ezviz7. Then, I did a parameter reset, and now the region appears to be wrong. Can I buy the region changer from you?


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