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    Dell optiplex 9020

    I don't see anything wrong with keeping the graphics card unless it causes you problems.
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    Microcam zoom

    By microcam you mean pinhole? Andy sells one on aliexpress: US $182.39 5% OFF| : Buy IPC HUM8230 2MP Covert Network Camera IPC HUM8230 E1 IPC HUM8230 L1 free DHL shiiping from Reliable network camera suppliers on Empire Technology Co., Ltd
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    I'm stumped!

    This is why you don't buy cheap Chinese crap cameras.... Make sure its not an onvif authentication issue.
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    Setting NTP on an NVR and seperate Cameras

    Setting-->General-->DATE&TIME --> Check NTP and put in server info
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    Extending NVR retention using NAS

    You should also check out freenas
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    Extending NVR retention using NAS

    There is an ftp tab where you can use an ftp server to save files. Its definitely possible EDIT: Dahua Wiki: NVR/Recording Setup/NAS Recording Setup - Dahua Wiki
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    Remove All User Options, UI3

    If you want to be completely minimalist, use the rtsp urls and put them into VLC
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    Looking to convert cheap laptop cameras to POE

    There are 64 channel dvrs. Again, DO NOT DO THIS you will waste your money and it won't work, also how far away are the cameras, USB has a limited length for cable which significantly increases cost.
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    DST help

    Did you try changing the DST adjustment settings in the camera?
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    Probably a port forwarding issue

    Like @Mike said use the BI app.
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    DST help

    Ive never use NTP but a quick search gives me: NIST Internet Time Service
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    DST help

    Your not the first person to have this problem: DS-2CD2332-I time issues
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    DST help

    Put in an NTP server for your time zone. Refer to the thread I posted above.
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    Looking to convert cheap laptop cameras to POE

    Well you need a VMS. Do you need to save video? If so you need a VMS like Blue Iris. If not just use SmartPss. For analog cameras you need a dvr. You could also get analog capture cards if you want to do it with a pc.
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    DST help

    Again, this is a problem that happens with China hacked cameras. Can you change the ntp server?