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    Dahua vs hikvision doorbell

    Hi, i'm in the same boat, thinking of getting the Dahua VTO. But i dont really wanna use their VTH since i already got bigger windows based viewing station (has to be windows for skype calling) So i was wondering if anyone could do me a favor and to test the dmss (as VTH alternative) using...
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    Review-IP Villa Outdoor Doorbell Station & Indoor Monitor Kit

    Hmm just got an idea, could anyone with windows machine test dahua's android app with emulator such as memu? And see if under LAN 2 way audio works correctly, with headset for speaker and mic i guess.. I think that's the least complicated way to emulate the VTH. Edit : or even easier, with...
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    Review-IP Villa Outdoor Doorbell Station & Indoor Monitor Kit

    Has anyone tried this with milestone? Any compatibility issues? Thinking of getting the doorbell alone, as i've already got poe switch and poe-powered NUC + 16 inch usb monitor as viewing station. (Possible with POE injector since it's <25 watt) But then i will lose the 2 way audio from...
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    Xprotect 2021 R1Release

    I couldn't get alarm to work on this version. Was it working on previous version? All i need to do is to make milestone server sounding alarm when a movement detected at night On the matrix table they said only alarm manager for smart client that requires license.
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    Hung Up On IIS

    Not sure if it helps but mine got stuck at System.Net.WebException: Unable to connect to the remote server ---> System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it IPadresss:80 and i solved it with this ...
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    Motion based Rules + Alarm notification doesn't work

    Anyone got this working on 2021 R1? So i need to setup alarm + email whenever there's a movement at night for specific cam, I found some tutorials mentioning i need to use input from the cam like this one But the problem is, out of 5 cams only 1 cam has input, and it has 5 of them, so there...
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    Tips to get Mobile Server working via WAN I'm not using vpn / proxy at all. just a DDNS service, it's a bit tricky indeed
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    View recording on tinycam pro

    I bought & installed tinycam on memu hoping i would be able to setup a less-resource demanding NVR. But it turns out the recordings can only be viewed from web browser, it's not very ideal cause my goal is to make cctv viewing as simple as possible for some elderly people.. So any plans in the...
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    Google DNS down, stunnel stops working

    So i have a configuration of stunnel + BI that has been working for almost a year, following a tutorial here. today apparently google dns stops working, so i changed it to my modem's DNS. Internet is back. But BI https remote appears to be broken. So i tried disabling stunnel and it's back on...
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    Blueiris + Openvpn / Wireguard

    I managed to solve the issue, but Any chance you guys could share your configs? It's strange, i have stunnel activated, but whenever i activate wireguard on my home server, the cams disconnected. It's back online the moment i deactivate wireguard. So : BI + Stunnel = ok BI + wireguard = cams...
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    Blueiris + Openvpn / Wireguard

    Is this a docker /unraid setup or linux vm under windows hyper-v? I could try the later i guess, ideally i want to have as few peers as possible thats why i want to install it on windows
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    Blueiris + Openvpn / Wireguard

    Anyone successfully implement wireguard on windows directly to client (Android) without router? Trying to accomplish it by following this guide How to Setup Wireguard VPN Server On Windows - Henry's Portal but i seem to stuck on part 3, in my case internet connection sharing wont work. I'm using...
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    H265 vs h264, no storage usage changes

    Thanks all, i'm getting 4x times capacity now, about 8 hours per clip
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    H265 vs h264, no storage usage changes

    It's the same spot, the bottom one is the old h264 clip and the top one is the new h265 clip. H265 :2h13m11s = 3.90 gb H264 : 2h16m23s = 3.90 gb. So in terms of space usage h624 is slightly smaller. Just checked the cams and they use CBR, smart codec is also off. Should i turn it on and use VBR?
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    H265 vs h264, no storage usage changes

    I just changed my 2MP cam from dahua h264 to h265, it's supposed to have less storage usage, But after 2 hours recording, i don't see any usage changes, infact, it's slightly larger, (see the attachment). I've checked the cams and both are runnnig 20fps. All other settings are exact same. What...