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    IOS Blue Iris: Do alerts give sound notifications?

    So as odd as this problem started is as odd as it went away. I updated the server end version of blue iris and it started working again??? idk but it is working again...
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    IOS Blue Iris: Do alerts give sound notifications?

    What is the correct way to set it up to make sure we get the audible alert? Mine was working on two phones for the past year or more and then all the sudden this past Saturday the audible alert stopped working.
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    IPC-HF8242F-FR 2MP Starlight Face Recognition IP Cam

    I don't see that you have this unit listed on your amazon or aliexpress stores? Would like to know what they cost and is interested in ordering one.
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    Has Anyone Here Tested the SD1A203T-GN Yet (2MP 3x Starlight IR PTZ Network Camera)?

    Being new to Alibaba it won't let me purchase until after I verify my account with proof of idea/ bank statement/ photo of card. Is there any other way? Seems like a lot of info to give out just to make an account.
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    Diferent way to trigger blue iris camera ?

    Blue Iris Help File or Dahua's?
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    Diferent way to trigger blue iris camera ?

    I am wondering the exact same thing. Learn anything since you posted?
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    Server 2012 or Win 10 for BI?

    Blue Iris requires a lot more resources when you run in a VM because it can't use Intel Quick Sync Video... Also know this from first hand testing...
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    Blue Iris - Live Website Hosting & Streaming For Guest

    Does anyone have any experience/advice for forwarding a blue iris stream to a website for a demo/preview for prospective clients? Any constructive comments would be appreciated. My web hosting service is through Duda Mobile via Go Daddy.
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    Dahua Auto-Tracking & Blue Iris

    You don't happen to have a link to that demo do you? I tried the search tool and only came up with this post and one other unrelated post. I have built several diesels over the years. Started as a science project when I was in 6th grade trying to make ethanol, then learned that biodiesel...
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    discrete graphics worth having?

    I am very curious about how much improvement per watt you would gain from a discrete GPU. I have several clients running R710's and a couple running TS140's no GPUs. The TS140's are reaching there limits and it would be nice if a good GPU reduced the loaded 30-40%. Also, would Quadro or GeForce...
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    Dahua Auto-Tracking & Blue Iris

    Does anyone have experience with setting the auto-tracking on the Dahua cameras? If so, do you think it would interfere with a Blue Iris server?
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    IPC-HDBW4421R-AS - new model 4mp turret (no pics)

    Anyone have a recommended supplier of these cameras? Btw North America is about to get it's own entire line of Dahua cameras supposedly manufactured in Cali.