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    iDMSS Plus - local playback

    Hello, and Welcome. Yes but you will need a router that supports openvpn. I prefer Asus routers as they are easy to set-up. follow this guide OpenVPN on a Asus router then All you need to do is add the NVR by ip/domain in the app. BTW there is a new app out called DMSS now.
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    Dahua has a new water proof junction box PFA130-E / PFA130E for Turrets ( PFA137, PFA139 )

    Depends on the surface. The foam gasket on the back of junction box should work fine on a smooth surface. If its a rough surface such as brick with mortar line behind it, yes.
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    It's not going well no camera network activity but power

    Possible the pigtail/camera is bad. only way to know is try a different camera on the same circuit.
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    It's not going well no camera network activity but power

    Power/Data still goes through the rj45 pigtail.
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    It's not going well no camera network activity but power

    Could be the camera's pigtail wires. I have had this issue before. Do you have another camera to try on the same circuit?
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    No video from the camera

    Maybe. Best Buy sells those premade cables .
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    Mislabeled? Or bad documentation?? (N45DM62)

    Could always just turn the lights off and see how good it is in the dark. Big difference between those 2 sensors.
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    Mislabeled? Or bad documentation?? (N45DM62)

    Yes, plug it in to your network and log into camera’s web interface via internet explorer default the camera address is And check S/N
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    No video from the camera

    i've had issues with new pre made siemise cables before.
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    No video from the camera

    maybe it the cable? try another cable or try another BNC port
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    how to make good cat6 cables all the time

    End of first Video shows the rj45 plug clippy thing going inside the relief boot, which im sure that's what it was designed for, but I always have issues of the rj45's not clipping into port proper this way. Have had service calls and that's all the issue was. Only Because Someone moved the...
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    System design software

    Hello and Welcome to IPCT! I have some experience with using the JVSG Demo software and love it. It gives you a verily accurate representation of what the layout will look like, as long as you've imported/scaled everything into drawing properly. I myself find it easy to use coming from a...
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    IDMSS and adding none Dahau cameras ?

    I could be wrong, but i would think either plug them into a Dahua NVR or use SmartPSS/PCNVR on your PC.
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    cameras mounted at 20 ft

    If you have a garage and its similar to my install pics, then you can easy run 4 camera wires into garage and neatly strap the White wires onto upper ceiling corner of garage and not even notice them. Back yard cameras maybe not so easy unless you have siding along side of house, then you can...