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    assuming you have a real job, how long did it take you to wire your system

    I try not to set time limits on personal projects, because project builds are a work in progress just like ME. My moto is, If it isn't broke, it's time for an upgrade. Mike/EZ
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    Happy Veterans Day!

    May I Return the greeting, by thanking You and all Brothers in Arms, for Your service.
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    Greetings from NC

    I have not found a computer that will do it all (short of a super computer), but I have had good results with building stand alone units ( I call them Nod's). When I'm satisfied with the operation of the Nod, I'll integrate it into My workstation AKA: The Man Cave. I prototype with Arduino and...
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    Greetings from NC

    Welcome from CA. where we don't have to go to the desert to burn down the house from both ends. I'm so bad this morning. I know many good sole's lost their lives, but according to the latest images I can find. My place is intact. The fire made a right turn during the night, missing Me by few...
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    Hi all...

    Welcome from CA. :smoking: (I couldn't help My Self) If You don't do your homework camera selection will either brake the bank, or your image quality will disappoint you. I started with what I thought to be middle of the road cameras, and soon discovered it was not money well spent. I was...
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    Deer in the headlights from Missouri!

    Welcome from CA, Best of luck with Your endeavor. I don't mean to be rude by sayin Hi and then split , but My head is elsewhere. Our place up in Northern CA is No longer. Fire is taking it's toll on all of us in CA. Wiping out everyone and everything in its path. This time last year we were...
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    Hi From Texas!

    Welcome from CA. Mike/EZ
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    Greetings From The Central Coast Of CA

    TonyR, other than small ptz in the house and a bullet on a pole outside (both used for camera placement surveys) the system is wired w/cable runs in conduit). The main hub (computer, nvr, router, an whatnot) is in a metal cabinet in a undisclosed area. I plan on installing a managed poe switch...
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    Greetings From The Central Coast Of CA

    Now If I knew that there would not be a need for security LOL. My Daughter and Her Brother (aka My step) were having their way putting the pinch on Grandma (She can't say no). During the Thomas Fire My Mom fell and broke Her Knee, so I jumped in and took over. Long>Short They are on the street...
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    Greetings From The Central Coast Of CA

    I was looking at something like this for the East/west sides of the property EmpireTech-IPC-HDBW4231F-E2-M-Starlight-Network, and pretty much came up with the same hit list for the turrets an bullet's. I'm impressed with the power of the PTZ@ a reasonable investment. before retirement I was...
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    Greetings From The Central Coast Of CA

    Mike/EZ is the Name, and everyday is a Saturday now that I'm retired. I have been using Blue Iris with low end cameras (mostly Foscam), and it is time for a major camera upgrade. I have 3 bullet's , 1 small PTZ, every usb web cam I could find (10 cams total), and My stepson still gets in. I...