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    Is DS-7616NI-I2 good recorder ?

    I series is more powerful then K
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    Mini outdoor PTZ : DS-2DE4A220IW-DE

    Their not 'indoor domes' they are a 5mp model which is not good for dark/low light environments - I have the 3MP version in the same format and its excellent at night (I don't even use the IR).
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    Integrate coax video from door entry to Hikvision IP NVR ?

    Google 'IP over Coax' or 'Ethernet over Coax Extender'
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    DS-2CD4A26FWD-IZ with Onboard LPR/ANPR(License Plate Recognition)

    'Third stream setting is normally under 'Maintence' -> 'System Service' From your description sounds like your just getting a notification and that LPR is active, have you tested it yet?
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    Recording totally pixelated after a few seconds

    Also drop your substream fps, I only run mine at 12fps and run the iframe @ 4X the fps (so 48 in your case).
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    Recording totally pixelated after a few seconds

    You should have 40meg of incomming bandwidth to play with between your 4 cameras, but keep in mind that this also include the substream (Mainstream + Substream x4 cameras). I would look at dropping the frame rate to 15fps for any camera that is just for pedestrian traffic - I only use higher...
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    Recording totally pixelated after a few seconds

    Check the record settings for event. Also bump up your bit rates, 6144 is a bit on the low side for 5MP @ 20fps with matching iframes. Change the settings from the NVR it will give you recommended bit rate ranges for your settings. Consider switching to H265.
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    Frustrated with Email Alerts

    Take it the recorder itself has no alarm inputs either?
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    Frustrated with Email Alerts

    Get a proper outdoor PIR or microwave/dual tech motion detector - anything using the cameras own optics as the alarm/event activation will be flawed and cause too many false positives.
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    Whick Hikvision Turret to get?

    Depends where you put it and how observant they are... The red glow is a dead give-away and can be useful to draw attention but not to capture evidence or at least recognition, the camera more discreetly placed at low level with its IR off will often get the money shot - seen it play out many...
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    Whick Hikvision Turret to get?

    IR is easy to defeat, black & white footage offeres less evidence vs colour. If your intruder knows the position of all your cameras there's little chance you'll get the evidence you'll need, its the one they don't see that will get the money shot. Low light camera, IR turned off - augment with...
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    New firmwares 5.5.4 (G1) & 5.5.5 (R6)

    Chaps, some new firmware available on Hik UK/IRE website Hikvision UK & Ireland just updated 2 of my cameras, nothing bricked - will have to see what these really fix since the readme says little other then compatability updates.
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    Stepping from analog into IP cam world

    I normally fit the recorder in the loft, maybe connect a 1st floor TV or monitor and either run a data link cable to the router or use a pair of power line adaptors for the internet side of things.
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    Park Action not working except after Smart Track event....

    I vaguely remember some inconsistancies using the park action via its own PTZ section, in the end I set a 'park action' via the 'Schedule' section as a preset - 00:00-24:00 Mon-Sun, etc.