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    Question about IPC-HFW5231E-Z12E

    To use the IPC-HFW5231E-Z12E for ALPR you will need a 3rd party solution. Lots of people use OpenALPR, it does not integrate with Blue Iris. Blue Iris v5 will integrate with Plate Recognizer for ALPR. I do not know what the most popular solution is, I personally use the free OpenALPR offering...
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    IPC-HFW5231E-Z12 LPR from 137 feet

    There are some LED headlights that do not show up very well when seen through the IP filter of these cameras.
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    OpenALPR Tool - Save and Query CSV Exports

    This tool is designed to use the OpenALPR Cloud option as far as I know.
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    LPR with sofware

    There is also free software to work with OpenALPRs free service. Check out this thread. This solution was created by several forum members. edit: correct grammar and spelling.
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    Dahua IPC-HFW5231E-Z12E LPR Talk

    There is some good information in this thread for setting up the camera.
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    Blue Iris Android mobile app update

    The latest update 2.0.69 fixes this issue.
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    Blue Iris Android mobile app update

    You can also clear it up by double tapping on the screen twice. The first double tap shows the controls, the second double tap goes back to full screen with no grey bar at the top.
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    Blue Iris Android mobile app update

    The latest BI android app, 2.0.67, fixes this issue.
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    Open ALPR Alternatives?

    Several folks on this forum created a tool for this very purpose. Have a look at this thread.
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    My Speeding Dectector Setup

    I also used the information found in this thread for my scripting. My apologies for not including it in my previous post.
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    My Speeding Dectector Setup

    Here is a thread that details how to set the camera to manual focus only. Pages 102 & 103 of this document detail the usage. Pages 165-167 of this document also detail the usage. The second document is a couple of years newer than the first. Both of them have some great info.
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    My Speeding Dectector Setup

    I have had no issue using this service. I set it go into night mode 30 minutes before sunset and day mode 30 minutes after sunrise, this helps with initial focus due to available light. I also use a cronjob on my linux server to validate the focus every minute, if it is incorrect the cronjob...
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    My Speeding Dectector Setup

    Edit: After checking out your website it looks like you are running Windows. Have you tried throwing an Nvidia GPU in the PC to see if it will reduce the CPU workload from the OpenALPR Agent? Original post: Are you running the OpenALPR Agent on Linux? I ask because I started out running it on a...
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    OpenALPR - cloud vs local - accuracy?

    I tried the local for a bit but it used way too much processor on my headless linux server. 1 or 2 cores maxed all the time was just a waste. I use the windows OpenALPR client with nvidia GPU integration to the cloud. I tried to get the OpenALPR Tool setup on a spare laptop but couldn't get it...
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    help with OpenALPR on Windows

    I use 2 - Dahua HFW5231E-Z12E's for my LPR cameras. I setup substream 2 in the cameras for feeding OpenALPR @ 1280x720 30fps. The main stream feeds Blue Iris @ 1920x1080 15fps. I used VLC to get the correct stream string. In the OpenALPR application this is how I have my cameras configured: IP...