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    Major problems connecting to server from outside home network

    Myself and 2 other co-workers are having same issue. We can all use local or home wifi to see cameras just fine. As soon as we get on our data plans. Stops working. I have android At&t. The other 2 have Iphones At&t. Can't wait to get to the office Monday morning to see if a update will fix it.
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    Blue Iris: Fisheye dewarping / panoramic / PTZ ?

    Darn, I just got the DS-2CD2942F-IS also and now learn BI can't dewarp it. :(
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    Blue Iris - Website (and email) issues

    My company has a type of address that are gmail imap accounts that was setup before the google+ days. And we have never had a single issue because it's google. I use thunderbird to bring down my emails from a gmail server and also able to web view my email threw