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  1. godfree1963

    Daily Smart Report

    Just subscribed to Sentry Smart Alert for Blue Iris, really like what I've seen so far in the Daily Smart Report message. The only thing I would like to see added to the Daily Smart Report is an option to download the clips and images so you can save them for future viewing offline. I've been...
  2. godfree1963

    DS-2CD2535FWD-IS-2.8 setup problems.

    Thanks, up and running. :)
  3. godfree1963

    DS-2CD2535FWD-IS-2.8 setup problems.

    Installed Pale Moon browser x86 (32 bit) and managed to turn off the OSD. :) Still can't get it work with ONVIF Device Manager....... :(
  4. godfree1963

    DS-2CD2535FWD-IS-2.8 setup problems.

    I have just bought a new DS-2CD2535FWD-IS-2.8 to replace a dead camera and I am having problems setting it up. It already had the latest firmware installed. I setup it using the SADP tool no problems but for some reason I can't see it in "ONVIF Device Manager". I have 6 other Hikvision cameras...
  5. godfree1963

    Version not showing all cameras clips.

    Is anyone getting a with problem with All camera clips not displaying with version I can see clips for each camera but when bring up all camera clips it just says "Empty list". The same thing happens on the iOS app and the web server. I've gone back to version and the clips...
  6. godfree1963 breaks email sending to gmail

    I just installed and I am still getting email alerts sent to my Gmail account. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  7. godfree1963

    Blue Iris Tools - Weather Overlay, Watchdog & more!

    Brilliant work as always Mike, installed and running no problems yet. Really liking the new site.
  8. godfree1963 BREAKS Speco SIP cameras

    My old Y-cam bullet MPEG4+Audio was also broken and has just been downloaded which has fixed the issue. I mostly used my old Y-cam as an audio feed for my other cameras, nice to have sound back. :-)
  9. godfree1963

    Unable to change new DS-2CD2542FWD-IS camera IP address with SADP software

    Thanks fenderman. I did try all the old/new Passwords I could find but they all wouldn't work. I had to get "SADPTool_v3.0.0.2build20150911". The new camera was shown as "In Active" under Security, you now have to set a new Password before the camera is Active and then you can change settings...
  10. godfree1963

    Unable to change new DS-2CD2542FWD-IS camera IP address with SADP software

    I’ve just bought a new DS-2CD2542FWD-IS camera and I need to change IPv4 Gateway and address from the default IP address and gateway to and gateway I can see the camera with SADP software, but I can’t change the setting. It just comes up with...
  11. godfree1963

    Panasonic WV-NS202A PTZ not working after version x64 update

    I updated Blue Iris to x64 today and my Panasonic WV-NS202A PTZ camera would not work with the PTZ controls in Blue Iris. :-( I tested the camera and the PTZ controls worked fine in the Panasonic web page, so it wasn't the camera. :-) I traced the problem down to Blue Iris setting the...
  12. godfree1963

    Motion Detection

    Hi DT, This might help. If you going into camera properties for the camera and go into the motion/triggers menu and click "Use mask and hot spot" and use the edit button you can then use the mask brush or mask rectangle to mask out the tree limbs. It will then not detect motion on those areas...
  13. godfree1963

    New Blue Iris iOS App Update

    The updated iPad version works really well too.
  14. godfree1963

    BlueIris x64 high memory load

    I managed to get the memory use down to 1.3GB and no crashes for two days, and CPU is now at 36-41% and maxing out at 89%. It was maxing out to 98%. I lowered the Pre-trigger frame buffer size on the two new Hikvision cameras. Seems to be back to a stable system again. :-)
  15. godfree1963

    BlueIris x64 high memory load

    I don't want to bother Ken at the moment when he's busy fixing other bugs. I will contact him but after I install windows 10 on my BI4 machine. I'm hoping that will fix most of the problems I've been having with BI4 on windows 7.