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    HALO - The Landing

    Well don't keep us in suspenders!!!! What happened next!!!!??!!?:)
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    HDMI Dual Screen Splitter/Multiviewer with PiP and IR Remote

    Thanks for posting. This is one of those "get around to it" projects for me too. Interested in seeing the replies of others that have implemented solutions.
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    May day, Mayday! My Blue Iris stops working.

    But it must be really IMPORTANT!!! Didn't you see the MAYDAYS?!?! Everyone drop what you're doing and start doing...something??
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    American made switch

    I only spent a couple of minutes looking at their site, but they appear to be marketing to industrial and military customers. The products I looked at were hardened (NSA certified) and/or ruggedized. Their "about us" indicates they provide solutions to Traffic, Railway, Security, SCADA, etc...
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    EDIT: posted by a spammer Isn't blue iris and amcrest chinese junk?

    @fenderman - thanks for taking out the trash and keeping the board nice and tidy!
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    Attempted burglary caught on camera in Fort Walton Beach [FL]

    I agree, but this could also be driven by the reporters. Maybe they didn't want to deal with an external file and thought it would be easier to edit by just filming the monitor.
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    Street Intersection Cameras...Hmmmmm

    Also a lot of this is unchecked/out of control government spending. It's not like they're spending their own money and as soon as somebody tries to push back on a budget increase, all you hear is "think of the children" or "we need to pay the police" or whatever. Even though nobody is asking...
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    $99 Gorilla Ladders 22 ft. Reach MPX Aluminum Multi-Position Ladder with 375 lb. Load Capacity

    These have been on sale at that price a few times over the past year. I got one about 6 months ago and it's GREAT! Not too heavy. Stores pretty small. Stable. Also, have recently seen these "telescoping" ladders. I think the Xtend brand is the main one, but looks like there are knock-offs...
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    Dear Admin!!! Love it! Yeah, I know it makes me sound like a "dumb American" and I do realize there is more to the world than just the USA (have traveled to lots of it), but you stated just what I was thinking when I read that. Despite the previous 8 years of "apology tour" by a...
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    I'm starting a video tutorial series on BIT!

    Just saw this thread even though I've been watching the vids over the past couple of weeks. Thanks and keep making more!
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    Any plans on Blue Iris coming to MacOS or Synology Diskstations?

    I'd be interested in a linux based version. Been a Windows user for decades, but have been migrating to linux more and more of late.
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    So I just installed OpenALPR and noticed this.......

    Actually, the "N" looks narrower on the back. Is it possible that they squish the font on the back plates? What about the other numbers/letters?
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    DIY rack cabinet

    yeah, give us the pics, even 'in progress' is ok
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    Cheap 28" Modular Enclosure $17.24 @ Lowes

    Thanks. A couple available locally, will give it a look.
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    Review-Dahua SD6CE245U-HNI Starlight PTZ 45x Zoom

    I was reading this as SEVEN alarm inputs and thought that was wrong, but looking at the picture I see lots more wires that my PTZ. So does it really have 7 inputs?