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    Pandemic threat? Anyone else concerned?

    You must not have any N95 masks. When I wear a mask, I want it to protect ME, and be somewhat comfortable.
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    My Recently Arrived Dahua SD5A425XA-HNR 4MP PTZ Camera

    Put the Welcome Mat out across the street, so we can see some good video in the "Camera Capture" threads.
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    Postal truck vs basketball hoop

    I like my USPS people. I have them well trained. Keep that crap out of their way.
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    Pandemic threat? Anyone else concerned?

    WHO IS “China-centric” and is pandering to China. They do not even acknowledge the existence of Taiwan. They need to be defunded and disbanded. They are the problem. Not to mention USA funds them 10x more than CCP.
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    Pandemic threat? Anyone else concerned?

    Thanks for the good instructions for self made mask. The only material I had was what I was wearing. It worked.
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    Pandemic threat? Anyone else concerned?

    You are so right. A lot of people living paycheck to paycheck squander their hard earned $ by paying for all these services. Expensive cell phones w/ their services are probably the worst, especially Apple products with their expensive proprietary products (very high margins). I see it...
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    Help with Peeping Tom!

    The cheapest solution is to put a line of razor wire on fence.
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    Pandemic threat? Anyone else concerned?

    Someone stop this Arjun kid from posting his BS and SPAMMING the forum. Go to Fakebook where you will be admired.
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    Pandemic threat? Anyone else concerned?

    Yes, Dr Arjun gets first place for being the best Spammer on this forum. When will it stop?
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    1 a.m. Guy In A Mask

    Good video Lulu. Another reason to get a "good" locking mail box. I have not had issues with mail theft, that I know of, but did recently get a locking mailbox. The main reason was when I go on vacation, I do not have to notify mailman to hold mail. It is large enough to hold small packages...
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    What do you think? Personal pulls all the way into my driveway!!!

    Philip, you need to setup your cameras with a push notification to phone when someone is in a critical location (carport). Need to have a talk with girl friend about letting a stranger on your property approaching you, like they own the place. If I came home to that senerio, that SOB would be...
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    Blue Iris UI3

    That fixed it (UI3 102), thanks for the quick response. This dumb smart TV will not respond to the Full Screen icon button in bottom right of screen. Works OK on Win machine. Any way to add Full Screen default to control panel? That option would work well on my Win tablets on power up also...
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    Blue Iris UI3

    Hi Brian, I just updated to BI 5.0.9 and got UI3 running on all my Win laptops. I have been running UI2 on my 3 year old Samsung smart TV browser, because it gave me more handles for increasing frame rate. I have run UI3 on the TV using BI 4.8.2 w/o any problems also. Now I get this error...
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    Two Solicitors Take A Break

    I do not have any signs, but if they do show up, I politely ask them to hold on a minute while I get my gun, then shut the door.
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    Coyotes are getting bigger

    Caught this guy on a Dahua SD59225U-HNI PTZ this morning. At first thought it was a dog because he was so big, but I have never seen him around here, and I see everything with the cams. What do you guys think? He missed the stray cats that came through earlier.