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    Hitting cameras web pages with a laptop in an NVR with POE

    The only way I can get to camera web GUI is to click the IE icon on the NVR GUI.
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    iDMSS 4.50,000

    How do you disable unused channels?
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    Dahua NVR Stopped sending emails

    That's what my thought too. Also push notifications are stop working where it work before. Nothing change on my settings.
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    Hikvision cube sale

    Can this camera be used with Dahua NVR? If it does, any functions not working support? TIA.
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    Dahua NVR Stopped sending emails

    @farma1979, still working. It seems Google making lot of change lately, some day it not working and some work.
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    The notification can not be received on Android 6.0 and above?

    Click on that red banner will shows you some settings.
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    Can't view camaras on gDMSS Plus, SmartPSS or IE. Only on Chrome

    Does anyone have problem view your cameras after 9am CST this morning? It working fine earlier this morning. IE show login fail, SmartPSS and gDMSS Plus show Dahua NVR as offline. Chrome plugin show the liveview just fine.
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    Dahua NVR Stopped sending emails

    Gmail has the max number of email allow per day from my experience. What I did is using 2 gmail accounts to alternate. Switch them in the middle of the day no matter if they got blocked or not.
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    Dahua NVR Stopped sending emails

    It's not Dahua NVR, it's Google that's blocking the account activity. You can't send email out, it will bounce back in 10 seconds. When it first start about a month ago, they block it after 200 snap shot emails per day. That is because Dahua NVR send 3 emails for each event. Now it seems they...
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    Dahua NVR Stopped sending emails

    Like I said on the other thread. Recently Google seems to enforce their rule about the max number of email an account send a day. Once it happen, if you send an email from that account, it will bounce back. Their block last 24 hours. It could be that they're about to shutdown Google Inbox in...
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    Anyway to improve image

    Sure it's not a day and night improvement on the color, I would have say about 10% improvement. I could have zoom in more but I think this is a good compromise between detail and overview of the area without the need for a 3rd wide angle camera. To me the BW image gives more detail for ID than...
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    Anyway to improve image

    Just an update. I've moved the cameras FOV to get rid of the lights, zoom in a little bit, and 1 camera is in BW with smart IR on at night. Also change the bulbs to 1500 lumens
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    Cam email stopped working, suggestions

    It seems that in the last couple weeks, Google strictly block account that send out over 500 emails per day. You may need to switch to another account.