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    Advice needed: 5442 vs everything else

    Which model numbers are for 8MP + 1/1.2" ColorVu/Full Colour Cameras? Thanks for the amcrest mention. I'm just going to buy a few of these and compare for a few days during the return window
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    Advice needed: 5442 vs everything else

    Assuming the area I'm interested in using a less-expensive camera does not have much ambient light at night, would there be any lower end cam that anyone here would suggest aside from IPC-T2231T-ZS-S2? This is the 1/3" sensor 2MP for $125. The irony is at first glance I didn't notice "bye"...
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    Advice needed: 5442 vs everything else

    I'm sure by the time another year passes I'll have 8-10 cams online, if not more. The biggest pain so far as been running cable and dealing with the plaster walls in this old house!
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    Advice needed: 5442 vs everything else

    Was this a typo? Assuming so.
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    Advice needed: 5442 vs everything else

    I'm at what seems like the same spot in my CCTV journey as OP, so I'll add my couple questions: 1. What would be considered if the goal were to spend less per camera than the $160 for T5442 fixed lens or $190 for the T5442 varifocal? I'm trying to understand what I would be losing by taking a...
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    Dahua model number letters

    I was just looking for the same chart, to see if there were newer versions or if what's been posted here has been superseded. Seems like they are still the same
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    IPC-T5442T-ZE IPC-T5442TM-AS latest new firmware IPC-HX5XXX-Volt_MultiLang_PN_Stream3_V2.800.0000000.20.R.200903

    I'm trying to get my head wrapped around some of the subtle differences between a few cameras. Are there any significant differences between IPC-T5442TM-AS (2.8mm, 3.6mm, or 6mm fixed, $155) and IPC-T5442T-ZE (2.7mm to 12mm varifocal, $190) other one is a varifocal and the other isn't? Are...
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    Getting Started - Camera Selection

    I'm getting started with camera selection and would love to get a few questions answered first. I've read and learned quite a bit from the IP Cam Talk Cliff Notes and various posts, which are mostly a few years old. I believe the primary takeaways thus far have been around (1) mapping the DORI...