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  • Hi,

    I used Dahua NVR (NVR5232-4KS 2). My IP Camera is hiveiw Camera.. I have 32 channals .

    The cameras work, the NVR is working, everything is connected and I can see and record video ok. My only issue at the moment is with the playback.

    I am able to see that the video has been recorded, however when I try to click on the timeline to select a particular time to view, the playback always jumps to a completely different time!

    If I click 10:00am, it'll start around 10:11am, if I click 11:20am, it'll go to 11:21am etc .

    I cannot seek/move on the timeline anywhere between hour marks. It's very frustrating.

    Can you help me ? how to fix this issue
    From what I know, it's a common issue with non-dahua cameras on a dahua NVR. You can only snap to each hour. You can fast-play 8x in between each hour if necessary.

    We had this issue with Geo-vision cameras.
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