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    My Speeding Dectector Setup

    We found the Algood Dug Store robbers!!! I made some friends and we solved the crime!! The city cops didn't give two Sh*ts because it's an inside job. Listen to my speech I told them we had a drug house and no one cared or ask me about it. WHY??????? 100k of drugs is in that trailer
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    My Speeding Dectector Setup

    The apologies are rolling in. Always accept a sincere apology you are getting what you wanted. No need to hold a grudge. We will do a 4 week data collection but I think we hit a home run. I underestimated how many cared but felt powerless.
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    My Speeding Dectector Setup

    Sorry starts at 36 min in.
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    My Speeding Dectector Setup

    Algood City Hall Council Meeting So I have been gathering data for more than 9 months. Time to go to city hall and speak my mind. Boy I believe in God, and karma. A local drug store was broken into that very morning. Guess what? That was one of regulars 50 MPH plus. Police wanted video after...
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    My Speeding Dectector Setup

    True but..... They do in a small town. The web traffic to my site blew up at each article. To be honest it's word of mouth. Just calling the paper and asking about ads dropped the numbers. Each time I send details to the city hall as well but it wears off. They locals use the web page and...
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    My Speeding Dectector Setup

    A big warning to the people out there thinking of do something similar. I got to talk to a local officer. He suggested to bring up neighbors speeding directly to the neighbor and not waste his time. DO NOT DO THIS. ABSOLUTELY NOT. It never goes well. We had a big increase in speeder percentage...
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    OpenALPR - No more free rides

    Did anyone answer this? Yes I use both. The open edition finds the jpg to send to the commercial version. I do this in python. My coding is fairly bad ;) I post a PHP version that just posts to MySQL.
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    OpenALPR Webhook to MySQL PHP Program

    It's not there any longer. I can't seem to find the PHP in this wiki. OpenALPR API — openalpr 2.2.0 documentation
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    My Speeding Dectector Setup

    <light bulb> <face palm> It occur to me, after listening to my algorithm talk to me, why we are having a 3x speeding increase. These are "out of towners" in search of food. I am NOT kidding. Algood Walmart is basically empty. They haven't restocked in at least a week. I mean holy shit what are...
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    My Speeding Dectector Setup

    I could write a book on what I have learned but YOU hit the nail on the head. Right on the mark. Thank you. Guess who 10-5% of the speeder use to be? Government vehicles, "connected people". 1-2% lead foot women drivers. 3% rich mother fuckers. Kids, and redneck truckers seem to very few now...
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    My Speeding Dectector Setup

    Interesting during these trying times with little traffic. The speeding has jumped to 15% during certain hours. Traffic is clearly speeding to Walmart which is empty of all staples. People are continue to hoard without anyone stopping them. The big bible belt says "F*&^ your neighbor. The...
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    IPC-HFW5231E-Z12 LPR from 137 feet

    Way too much contrast, that's why the bright headlights. 60% would be better IMHO - set gain 40-50 (tweak form there) I did post a setup procedure in my speed detector hardware post, but you are almost there. Good job!
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    Question about IPC-HFW5231E-Z12E

    Welcome to the forum. If you are a beginner start reading. Most of the answers are already here in the forum. Then you can ask questions for guidance. That camera has plenty of posts. You will be using OPENAlpr. I use both free version and commercial. The commercial version beats everything else...
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    The mystery of the "invisible" license plate on my LPR cameras

    Hopefully not off subject but does anybody have an IR reflective spaint pait I can use for targets? Say spraying an "X" on the road. Marks on posts etc.
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    First foray into LPR, with IPC-HFW5241E-Z12E

    yes the 41 is much better