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    US Elections (& Politics) :)

    research the owners of the four seasons gardening center you might get a surprise
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    tool head broke off in set screw of Starlight Housing

    Try some spray lube and a powerful little neodymium magnet
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    Just installed one at work I had laying around Have you tried up the coax setting UTC I will screen shot the settings when in work tomorrow And get back to you
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    DS-2CV2Q212FD-IW - unable to setup wifi - need help

    What I do for these little cameras I have five around the house My first thing is add it to iVMS usually get the older version as some of the new versions have problems with video out put on certain computers Add the camera using admin and the password would be admin+ the verification code...
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    Adding Audio to my Hikvision

    passive mics and active mics, search box top right this has been documented a few times
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    Should I bother upgrading firmware?

    5.6.0 i dare you
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    NetSurveillance IP wifi camera issues

    Lol friends have been asking about these Arlo packages they can buy to protect there workshops My response is full fenderman style ;)
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    Wondering if anyone can tell me the region my cams are?

    5.5.71 is the latest for that ptz dome
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    Audio in App

    Turn on the sub stream audio and video
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    DS-2CD2035FWD-I aspect ratio wrong

    Try turning off capture on the camera web GUI see if that fixes your problem
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    WARNING... Out to those who have upgraded to V4.1.61

    I always manually update if there’s a need this auto upgrade could get some one unstuck ,It just seemed to help the un savvy end user ( or unstick as pointed out the grey market user who knows what there objective is
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    iVMS-4200 no live view

    I normally go to the nvr and on group open the box which shows what cameras are connected then tap open the blue square which says modify That then brings up another box with the camera and six lines down is stream key
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    iVMS-4200 no live view

    Ok on your phone Hik-Connect you can disable it there They will txt you a code just enter it,then encryption should be disabled
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    WARNING... Out to those who have upgraded to V4.1.61

    There I was thinking there making life easier for the not so tech savvy users lol
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    iVMS-4200 no live view

    Have a look and see if stream encryption is on That photo with the blank boxes hit the modify button and if it shows steam encryption key type in the key that is usually the verification code on the bottom of the nvr “ example GHVYNH”