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    Ip placement for new house

    Hi @Opeth, I like to have more cameras covering the entrance to the house, even if only a smaller home. I want everyone who walks to the front door to pass through at least 2 camera FOVs, and the same for anyone walking to the garage.
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    US Presidential Election 2020 (& Politics) :)

    When I heard of this, I wanted to see more of the analysis of the data... and discovered: Twitter suspends data analyst who testified that up to 300,000 fake people voted in Arizona election Data Expert: Up...
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    Can't see camera's

    Hi @Manic157! What are the IP addresses that you are using?
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    When the US congress awarded new military rifles to Americans who as Teenagers fought the enemy with their own rifles

    Teenagers vs the British Empire: Smith Bateman's Hall Rifle
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    In full: Rowan Atkinson on free speech

    In full: Rowan Atkinson on free speech The forerunner of the Defend Free Speech campaign was called “Reform Section 5”. This speech by Rowan Atkinson at the launch event in Parliament in 2012 should be heard by every politician, journalist and campaigner before they start calling for laws to...
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    US Presidential Election 2020 (& Politics) :)

    Trump won 2016 using social media in a more agile fashion than Hillary .. Twitter, Facebook, Google counter in 2020 and became the new king markers.. Cyberspace Race... Society, Technology and Disruption from the Freemasons to Facebook│Niall Ferguson
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    US Presidential Election 2020 (& Politics) :)

    Joe Biden ... can't believe he was ever a candidate for President... Thomas Sowell EDUCATES Joe Biden #tbt
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    I have confused myself, and I would like to buy some cameras

    Hi @M041842 I'd start with one nice affordable Dahua OEM PTZ and get the hang of it...
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    Planning to buy NVR any suggestion and brand

    Welcome @Moyeen The most popular setup by members here is: Blue Iris on a used PC ( i7/i5 newer gen ) with an external PoE switch. If you are looking at the NVR route, get a more powerful NVR and the next level up of channels it can support, as we always under estimate how many cameras we...
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    US Presidential Election 2020 (& Politics) :)

    Sometimes Louis Rossman is far more logical than any MSM commentator Cuomo calls police officers "dictators" upon refusing to enforce an unlawful order Louis Rossmann
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    Why the retreat from 1/1.8" sensors in the latest Dahua bullet cameras?

    Hi @wtimothyholman I believe it has a lot to do with the Pandemic and interruption to the Supply Chain. I suspect Dahua and others had an interruption to their imaging chip supply.
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    US Presidential Election 2020 (& Politics) :)

    Evidence of the game played by MSM to put Biden and Harris into the drivers seat: In this case, how they knocked out a better performing candidate from California than Harris by sand bagging him Krystal and Saagar: MSNBC Whistleblower Reveals How Yang BLACKOUT Worked
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    Will a HP Z230 Workstation Intel i7-4770 suffice?

    Hi @pjdevries I would not get any used PC with a CPU older than a 6th gen now... so I'd look for a i7-6xxxx as a minimum.
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    US Presidential Election 2020 (& Politics) :)

    Meanwhile in Germany...
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    Camera connection

    Hi Qualitech, I've not experienced faulty RJ45 plugs out of the bag yet... Definitely redo the termination on these cables... and double check the T568A/B specs you are using. Easy enough to make a mistake on this the first time you do this.