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  • Hey! I just saw your posts on Slickdeals concerning the Paxvigo cams. Hah, though I went in for 2 of them, there was no way I was going to post on that cam here. The last time I posted (quite a while back) on a non name brand cam, I was sort of lambasted enough to not want to again. :p I'm hoping that they are decent at least as they'll fill a "need" I've had for a single wide angle cam in a couple of spots...
    Hello. Thanks for the cliff notes, I'm upgrading an older Hikvision system and it is helpful. Could you please add some newer cameras, from reading through the forums it sounds like IPC-T5442TM-AS is a good one and the HIkvision Colorvu.
    hey @mat200
    What cameras do you run yourself? What would you recommend for lessor important areas of the house like the backyard/side alley. Though they are dark as well but not so concerned. Do you have any economical models you can recommend?
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    We can add that. Can you write up some info on it?
    You mean like....

    Edgerouter-X Setup Tutorial for creating isolated camera and IOT networks. Protect your main network from your camera network and prevent cameras from phoning home. Tutorial also includes setting up a VPN for safer outside access into your home network.
    Hi Mat, I have been posting on here and others have responded but I still have not figured out a working answer. I want to set up a secure camera system with openvpn at a remote site that only has internet available via a hotspot. Actually Att is the only one that has good coverage there too. I have tried a MR1100 Nighthawk hooked to a Asus Rt-N66u router to the dvr. But was never able to get pass the openvpn set up apparently because aat is not providing a public IP. I only get IPv4 from them as well. I am not set on this arraingement, one guy suggest a ras-pi system but I am not sure that will be any better. There must be a way to set up a camera system at a site with only cell data with some sort of hardware combo. If you have any ideas on this I will appreciate hearing them, Thanks.
    Hi Matt, Thank you for putting in all this time to help new members. I have been reading for months and went ahead and bought a few things but it all ended up not working out because after reading for months I thought I understood what I needed. I'm in Australia and getting some of the things people recommend on the forum is impossible. Can I please ask you a few questions?.
    From Andy's profile: Signature
    "Guys can contact me via email for orders and support."
    Hello Matt , I was trying to get contact for Andy( lots of Any's on forum ) , I had read your post recommending him for Dahua nvr 8 channel kits purchase. Thanks

    Unfortunately my IPC-HFW5231E-Z5 is far from happy, full of condensation despite me taking it apart and using silica gel inside. I am considering alternatives, perhaps a newer model that has same night vision and range has come out recently ?. Thank you for your time.
    @mat200 I see you've been active today, did you see my profile post? (below) TY/BR -j.
    Damn profile posts only give me 420chars. Not sure why I'm not bloody allowed to start a conversation with you! Anyway if you can spare the time, please engage in the thread I linked.

    Thanks again & BR/GN.
    Hey Matt

    Try to talk with you on conversation, but failed, try to contact me there. I am inviting you to make a testing for a new model.
    Hi @mat200 , you have Dahua cams on a Lorex NVR correct? Did you have any trouble with setup? I got 2 of the Dahua starlights from Andy and the Lorex NVR kit but I am getting the following error "conf.LoginErrorNo-18".
    Farmer D
    I successfully set up 2 starlights with Lorex NVR. Seemed pretty easy and intuitive. How are you adding yours?
    I am setting up a PC, router and POE switch for my 3 IP cams using blue iris. No NVR. Is there a post that will describe a networking scheme?
    Static or DHCP? should I put switch and cams on subnet and configure rout table, or static ip everything on my local network (192......)?
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