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    Wall of shame

    Nice job. :thumb:
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    Neighbor "i didn't break your window"

    Yep, I broke my own the same way. No guard up but just happened to fling a rock in the right direction and boom, done.
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    Postal Scale - What do you use and which to buy?!?

    I've used one of these for 10+ years now and it's still going without any problems. I ship every day and it's stayed within reasonable accuracy as checked against the USPS postal scales now and then (weighs out a few 10ths of an oz over theirs). Most of my packages are < 1 lb with some up to...
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    In Dash Vehicle LPR system

    I looked once to see how much the system they were using cost. It was something like around $25-$30K per unit/vehicle plus ongoing support and licensing costs. That show was filmed a while back so I'm sure that's come down a lot but I'd bet still in the $10-$15K-ish range.
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    Soundbar remote interacting with my Hikvision DS-7608NI-I2-8P

    On quick search looks like it does have an IR receiver. Likely what's happening I'd think. Does the soundbar have manual button(s) for the volume function? If so, try that. If no effect, then you know. Or put something in front of the NVR to block any IR to test.
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    Blue Iris App... does it use Google/IOS push services for notification?

    I see. So you receive a standard Android notification and then launch the GMSS app? Or do you receive some sort of notification within the GMSS app?
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    Blue Iris App... does it use Google/IOS push services for notification?

    Ahhh... understand better now. If it thinks that it's a camera can you not have BI pick that up as an event somehow and use it to do the push?
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    Blue Iris App... does it use Google/IOS push services for notification?

    I use IOS. The only complication that I've had with push and my network relatively well locked down (i.e., no ports open other than VPN) is that I would not receive the thumbnail images if outside of my network. Even if on VPN still would not. I've tried many things to get that to work...
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    Blue Iris App... does it use Google/IOS push services for notification?

    Yes. if you select that way to notify you. Under Alerts tab, send push notification to app.
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    How does an IoT device receive a command from the internet?

    It's not necessarily secure. Generally the connection will be using HTTPS so it's "secure" in that sense and case but doesn't mean that it's not subject to some other vulnerabilities or intrusion. e.g., P2P-type services of that sort have been shown to expose credentials, could be accessed by...
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    Fed Ex Ground Shipping Hahaha

    I think that it depends on the service area. Here DHL was running full service just like Fedex and UPS (long ago). Then they went to having USPS do some last-mile delivery. Now they seem to be back to doing all delivery of theirs again but their shipping offerings are limited. I do a lot of...
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    Dahua updates and upgrades

    Assuming that they're doing what you want well and you have them blocked both ways from the outside world, I'd leave them alone. There were some vulnerabilities found that likely affect the firmware that they're running if exposed. And they may "phone home" in some ways but you may find that...
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    Weed Eater and Zip Tie's....

    It was on clearance at Home Depot when I bought mine so might be even cheaper if so in your store. I'm sure they'll probably stop carrying it now. Whatever I find that I like seems to get discontinued. Reminds me that I should go check and see if there's any of it still left here.
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    Weed Eater and Zip Tie's....

    This stuff has been good for me. Don't think that I've had the line break off or get stuck over two big spools with lots of edging. Which is more than I can say for most all of the others that I've tried. Don't have much light brush so can't say how well it works for that...
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    SD6CE245XA-HNR zoom examples

    I wish that I had a view like that to make it worth getting a big PTZ like that. Here I could examine my neighbor's retinas with that. lol