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    I need ideas, on where to install a camera at the entrance

    I really like this idea..are you able to post a couple pics of what the camera looks like to someone walking up to the front door?
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    Dual NIC setup on your Blue Iris Machine

    This is very much appreciated. I was actually looking thru post trying to figure how to do this and trying to search google for a write up! Awesome! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    SD49225T-HN custom anyone with mounts

    This is an awesome idea! do you have pics from like sidewalk or front of house to show how discreet this is? i have similar house layout and been trying to come up with something. i think i saw in another thread the actual mount(can you link or post pics?)...did you make this your self? if so...
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    Just Sharing My Progress

    Looks Great! Im curious to see what a person at the front door looks like with that angle. Seems like there could be a pretty good blind spot but youll have good approach views from the garage. Also how did you go about installing at the front door location. You're in a two story house so im...
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    Just Sharing My Progress

    Side visio free? I’ve seen a few of those recently and I with me also getting ready to set up my ubiquiti networking gear I’d like to map it all out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Just Sharing My Progress

    Outside looks great! I agree about the garage and’s a garage not an entertaining area and it doesn’t impact the curb appeal!
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    Just Sharing My Progress

    Nice I look forward to seeing more pics. I like the idea of command strips to do a 2nd round of testing for WAF! I have a stucco exterior so I don’t think I’ll be able to do that otherwise I risk my cams taking a 6-8ft fall to the ground which is not what I’d like. Did you take any pics of...
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    Just Sharing My Progress

    First off you have a great looking house! Secondly, it took me waaaaaaay to long to figure out where these were from this pics vantage point haha! i had to go back up in the thread and read about where you were putting them! So discrete! Whats the height on them about 7' id assume by garage...
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    Dahua / HIK cam painting :)

    Looking forward to seeing you post some pics and info on how you did this! I got some new cams I’m thinking about painting.
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    Just Sharing My Progress

    Nice details with your network diagram and showing how you are planning in phases! I just got some cams (8) finally and plan on starting testing and then getting a few of the high priority ones up before new year. Do you have a sidewalk/driveway view of your current cams you have up?
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    Residential system installer recommendations in Phoenix, AZ?

    Get there im out in the South East valley of the Phx metro area, I have a friend who is an installer i think mainly sells Hik. I can give you his info, Send me a PM. also, I do low voltage for a living so may be able to lend a hand if youd like.
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    New Guy From AZ

    ok whew! I kind of assumed that it was only with Government/high security operations but wanted to make sure! Ive loved what ive seen from these Dahuas and Hikvision cameras. I cant wait to get my system built up, just have to save up some funds. Do you think its best to slowly build out a...
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    New Guy From AZ

    Hey there...been lurking for awhile and reading lots of old post and reading thru alot of the more known member previous post to research. I've slowly started reading the wiki as well. I was brought here due to hearing about Dahua and Hikvision cams and how good they are compared to most others...