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    Deep IVS, am I missing something for auto tracking?

    Thanks for posting the detailed instructions. I followed your steps exactly and auto tracking worked for me...during the day. The tracking doesn't work for me at night with the ir light on. Anyone else have problems with this? Is there some setting that I'm missing? Thanks in advance for any...
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    SD49225XA-HNR Anyone have one?

    Do have a dedicated power feed going to the camera or are you using poe+?
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    Dahua gDMSS Plus and OpenVPN

    Awesome! Thanks for the help! Mike
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    Dahua gDMSS Plus and OpenVPN

    I meant to say VPN instead of VLAN...
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    Dahua gDMSS Plus and OpenVPN

    I am new to the networking/cyber security and I've exhausted my google searches. I have 4 Dahua cameras installed at my house and when I installed them, I did not set up any network security. They are connected to a POE switch on my LAN, which connects directly to my router. I have been...