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    What dash cam are you using?

    just replaced my 0806 old one with Rove R2-4K Car Dash Cam - my new 128G card just filled after 3 weeks even though i set it up as 4K loop-cycle - it seems like a fairly good straight forward to use unit. Video quality seems fine, did get some side glare of windshield based on suction cup...
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    Cheap 8CH DVR ported to BI ?

    I have been managing an inexpensive DVR (Samsung SDH-B74081) for the last two years. It is for our community pool and was the 3rd DVR purchased in 6 years. The main problem is that it is kept in the pool-house with pool chemicals being corrosive to electronic connections on the DVR unit over...
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    Blue Iris continuously losing remote connection

    on a related note (i think), i had set up a no-ip hostname then discovered using BI wizard on the dynamic ip page that BI includes a service as well. I deleted the no-ip but now am not sure where that options page of BI is located to set in lieu of no-ip. I have the check box on the "about" tab...