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    I'm looking at the Unifi G3 Flex camera.

    I dont think they will unless they output rtsp. The software for unifi is great but the camera quality sucks. Our City uses it and the quality sucks
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    2 cameras on winbook windows based tablet

    I have an older winbook , windows tablet made by microcenter. Has anyone tried blue Iris on that with 2 1080p USB based cameras?
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    Camera mount on eves

    Installing some colorvu or nitecolor cameras with junction boxes on a soffit or eve. Would like it to be a bit lower to prevent light reflection. Any ideas on how to lower the box. Has to look nice, the in laws are picky as hell
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    Xmas porch pirate team 12/23

    Not the way it works in smaller jurisdictions but I can imagine that being said in bigger towns
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    Xmas porch pirate team 12/23

    What kind of secure drop box do you have?
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    10 TB WD100EMAZ for surveillance storage

    I have the sff elite desk g1 also. I've been using an old 4tb external for video, no problem for months and the drive is over 3 years old
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    Bi5 AMD support

    How you think the 3700x would do?
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    Blue Iris and nvr at same time

    I have some one that wants to have an nvr and blue Iris setup on same lan at once. Anyone done this before with any issues? It's a hikvision setup
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    Ford Dealership Video

    Take it from me, if your a smoker and you have contact with Police, they always ask to smoke a cigarette.
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    Ford Dealership Video

    Awesome video. So is the rules set up by your video software or the cameras?
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    Advertisements filling most of screen

    same issue here
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    Reason 4,986 to lock your doors at all times

    It really irritates me that people still leave firearms in vehicles unsecured. Take the time to remove your firearm and lock your vehicle. If you don't you just endanger everyone else when a crackhead gets it.
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    10 TB WD100EMAZ for surveillance storage

    That sounds disgusting and I don't think th cat pee will help it. Your poor hard drives
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    Captured video of guy checking car doors

    More zoom, it would have been great with better zoom. Install another camera near this one with zoom and leave this one up as an overall camera
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    Lightning strike by house

    Neighbor said about four years ago lightning hit on the property about a hundred or so feet to the west side of the house and blew up a tree.. wonder why lightning likes the property so much. We have a rock wall running the length of the property in the back, wonder if that is it.