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    This is harder than it should be

    Maybe try Nelley's Support? even tho you purchased some time ago, they should stil be able to help...
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    Cooler thief hit neighbors house

    apparently, skateboarding IS a crime, or at least leads to it... ;-)
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    Lorex E891AB (aka IPC-HFW1841EN-PV)

    To follow up on my own question regarding when the white LED's can be triggered, it seems that other than the 'warning light' icon/button on the 'live page, they only come on with the IVS intrusion detection enabled. On these particular Lorex cams, the only 'Smart Plan' available is 'IVS' and...
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    Camera 5mp 30x chinese

    sorry,not familiar with Synology, but i imagine there must be away to set/control the PTZ protocol used for any given camera. there is no 'synology' forum here, but i know many folks do use it, so perhaps someone will chime in...
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    Camera 5mp 30x chinese

    Doryphore, so your saying the camera WORKS (for the most part) but you just need a way to invoke Preset 1 (or N) after a reboot? i'm pretty sure that if the original firmware doesn't do that, flashing new FW will not fix it. these no-name off-brands cams rarely ever provide better firmware...
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    Dahua IPC unbricking / recovery over serial UART and TFTP

    you still have not explained WHIHC small 2.5mb file you flashsed and how you did so. what was the file name and what command/process did you use to flash it? and yes, if you have a 'printenv' dump from when things were working, you'll want to re-establish as many of those settings as possible...
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    Camera 5mp 30x chinese

    on many of thes PTZ's, preset 1 is the default (or 'park') location after a reboot. not yours?
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    Dahua IPC unbricking / recovery over serial UART and TFTP

    "I have flashed camera with DH_SD-Eos_Eng_P_Stream3_V2.623.0000000.1.R.180627.bin and it worked ok, it booted up - but then i flashed with the small file i thought it was for ptz controls (that was my mistacke - it got flashed with smaller file i it wont boot and won`t show on network.." which...
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    Camera 5mp 30x chinese

    that's very odd. there should be some way to avoid that. what client app are you using to view the cams? and when i mentioned checking the network config settings, i meant on the camera, not your PC or tablet. what's the 'cloud' (Nuage) configuration set to, for example...
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    Camera 5mp 30x chinese

    check the 'network' configuration pages for UPNP any cloud-type service and make sure it's disabled. then reboot your router.
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    Help needed, Is it (possible) to load Dahua firmware on lorex lnb9272s ???

    I wonder if 'Cayenne' is their code name for newer Lorex OEM builds. ? My Lorex E891AB has HWID=IPC-HFW1841EN-PV-0280B-CAYENNE:01:02:02:72:2C:00:01:0F:01:01:00:3A5:00:00:00:00:00:01:00:02 :200 I...
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    Lorex E891AB (aka IPC-HFW1841EN-PV) I picked up one of these 4k Lorex units cheap with a cut off ethernet/power dongle. My first few attempts to fix with a new ethernet jack resulted in no link light, tho it did power up over PoE, so I opened it up and hooked up the serial adapter...
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    single button to trigger BI shortcut / profile change (on locked pc)

    i'd look into doing it over the network somehow via the same http-based command set used by the app and UI3...
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    Help needed, Is it (possible) to load Dahua firmware on lorex lnb9272s ???

    how did you try flashing? web UI probably won't work, need to use tftp, once you're sure to have the right firmware (which must have 2831-series in it's check file, but don't go trying to add it if not there - that's a recipe for a brick)
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    I am looking for a firmware flashed

    from one of the amazon review comments: