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    EZViz Camera: CS-CV110-A1, photos, passwords...

    I don't have SD cards in any of these cameras... nor did I ever find a firmware file update for them, but I did get a new chip to solder onto the board so I may give it another go (with all my free time)
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    Firmware for Dahua IPC-HDW4433C-A

    Its interesting. You can set the feature flag from the recovery /serial console, and it sticks. So you can define your camera however you want.
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    Not recording in 4K Resolution from 265+ Stream Hickvision

    It really sounds like a sub stream is being displayed/recorded. Can you look at the settings in the camera to see if there is a sub stream option enabled? A 2:2 or 4:4 decimation is very fast to do in silicon and would certainly explain that look.
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    Need help turning off IR

    No, you're doing it right. I had to install it once, and every now and then (as I shift cameras) I might have to do it again. But after that it sticks for a long while. I did pull down a 'newer' version from the web and that seemed to 'stick' for a bit too, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't...
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    Need help turning off IR

    Seconded here- I use IETab and it works PERFECTly. Every now and then I'll have to reinstall the stuff but for the most part it works far better than ie does itself. And definitely worth paying for. I don't know for sure it'll solve your problem, but it at least will make...
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    My UPS Caught Fire Last Night

    The UPS doesn't have to burn like a LiIon- there are plenty of other items that'll catch fire. I posted mine where the inductor smoothing cap, an aluminum one, slagged and melted. The FR4 board burned, the fuses burned, the resistors burned. The battery and power continued to work- supplying the...
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    PTZ fails after automatic upgrade

    I think I Have the same camera, just plugged it in- was delayed 4 months due to COVID. All in Chinese, unfortunately, but I'll update if I find anything.
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    PC-NVR for Dahua or ?

    sigh. I said it was user error. I said I bought BI. I said all that, OK? Yes yes yes, you're right. 100%. The cameras are triggering properly for motion but BI isn't. 100% my fault. I don't have time to futz with it though anymore, especially remotely over RDP. Now, can we get back to my...
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    PC-NVR for Dahua or ?

    I do not have a long term solution but I do have short term search with iVMS Lite 4200 under Hikvision. It reads the SD Cards from the cameras and can playback, showing events. Pretty accurate at catching several events, including a tree falling down onto my driveway (I was looking to see if it...
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    24/7 Video Recording Path Recommendations

    I haven't seen any difference in bandwidth doing both.
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    New LPR camera?

    I thought I saw in passing a comment by Andy @EMPIRETECANDY saying a new LPR camera was coming, and that it would be worth the wait. Is this a better idea than the 12x zoom Lory that's out there? I'm still fighting mine and, while I do enjoy the challenge, I've decided having some extra time...
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    Swapping Bubbles 1320/1120

    I found some 'domes' on Aliexpress when looking to set up a sky-watch camera. They might be available there.
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    Adding a microSD Card to the IPC-HDW4433C-A, and dumping the firmware...

    Interestingly, the VSS pin wasn't connected. I jumpered 3.3V into it (still waiting on confirmation for a particular PNP transistor). Then I had clock issues. But more importantly: [0m[32;40m05:05:26|[libStorage] [ver:] info tid:983 CStorageManager::dump(): [0m{ "BUS" : "MMC"...
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    Ohio Storm

    Yep, that's Indiana for you. (Yeah I know, Ohio) Freakiest storm I was ever in was when it rolled in so fast while I was taking photos- you couldn't tell where the green/yellow grass of the hill I was looking at ended and the sky began. -yellow/sun lit grass that you see when storms roll in-...
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    Adding a microSD Card to the IPC-HDW4433C-A, and dumping the firmware...

    ....and it was literally as easy as modding the hWID. Unfortunately, it still doesn't show up, but that's the next problem (assuming my soldering skills are still 'mad'....