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    HikVision - stream path URL?

    This might be trivial, but sharing anyways: When trying to connect to my HIKVision (DS-2CD2085FWD-I,V5.5.51 build 180314) streams using a bare-bones RTSP connection always failed when the last path "/" was missing. For example these urls failed with an RTSP 400 error...
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    Pull Event Snapshots from camera using HTTP

    @alastairstevenson I guess that’s what I’m asking: Is there a way to make the camera send the snapshot to an HTTP URL (not FTP or email) or receive it by listening to a specific REST api.
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    Pull Event Snapshots from camera using HTTP

    I have a server that processes still images for additional analysis of the scene in real-time. The key scenes are ones where the camera detects an event: motion/line-crossing/region entry. What I'm trying to accomplish is to create an event snapshot "stream" to my server. I don't really need the...
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    Looking for 4K camera that can push event snapshots

    Hi, Looking for a recommendation for a camera: 1 4K/8mp res (20fps is fine) 2 fixed focal length (preferably 6mm or 8mm) 3 can be configured to trigger events and take/save snapshots (jpg) for those events: region based motion detection is mandatory. line crossing and/or face detection would be...
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    Pull Event Snapshots from camera using HTTP

    Event triggers (motion, line crossing, etc) on the camera can be linked to email, FTP,etc so that the event is sent by email (for example) that includes snapshots relevant to the event (assuming snapshots are configured). What I'd like to achieve is to fetch (or even better receive in push)...