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    2nd story home, high up conduit installation advice

    Nice house @Shadeth. Good suggestions from everyone who mentioned hiring someone to install the conduit, especially a certified low voltage person. Make sure you know how many drops you want/need the first time. Around me, many companies have a minimum fee to show up no matter how much work...
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    I bet I have something that you don't have.

    Do you have a body cam hidden in the logo on the cap?
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    Can I use a Wifi camera as a stand alone device?

    Thanks for the detailed explanation @TonyR. And great idea for a hitch cam!
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    Lightning Woes

    @psychodad1000 Was the surviving camera connected to the POE switch also?
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    Great camera placement?

    Yes. I wonder where the camera was located and the height must have been around the 5 foot level.
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    How to properly wire/mount cameras... new construction

    That's good to hear. Looking forward to seeing how things went.
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    Day time smash and grab on a parked car in driveway

    Looks like a MOLLE type of backpack, possibly used for a bugout or emergency bag. Definitely knew what they were after and which vehicle. POS thieves. Time to trim the bushes and add a better camera for plates.
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    Burning Some Calories

    All she wants to do is dance, dance.
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    Car Door Repair In Progress

    I'd say the repair is finished...
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    Odd Saturday morning behavior.

    A rough Friday night, left by his friends, or any of the above suggestions. Noticing unusual or out-of-the-ordinary activities or behavior is part of why we have camera systems. Good call @looney2ns in notifying the local LEO.
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    Monitoring setup

    Yes, I like it. Tks for posting.
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    How to properly wire/mount cameras... new construction

    @105437 How is the install going? Lot's of good advice given.
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    Looking for 8 port PoE switch

    I have the IPCamPower and haven't had any issues with it so far. I purchased mine used from Nelly's Security Garage Sale.
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    Looking for 8 port PoE switch

    Check the suggestion list found here "PoE Switch Suggestion List"
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    Open Eave Roof - bullet cameras

    Nicely done, especially painting the conduit and junction boxes.