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    Severe video blocking and artifacting with Dahua and new i7 Blue Iris server

    will headless is the problem with the video processing. use a HDMI dummy plug. something like this, in windows Power setting Sleep: never Power Display screen: never
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    VPN Primer for Noobs

    I run an old Asus RT-AC66U-B1. It has Open VPN and parental controls that lets you block based upon MAC address. It works for me. It is simple to set up. I run very little wifi in my house, also all my wifi devices are old...
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    "Alerts" List Is Empty? ***Resolved***

    this is not part of the alerts problem but you need to rethink the allocation on the f drive. Make the F drive the new folder. There is absolutely no reason to have multiple video storage folders on a single drive. I would also recommend that you go o continuous recording for the time being...
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    choice of IP camera and their privacy options

    My standard welcome to the forum message. Read Study Plan before spending money Cameras are for surveillance to get information for after the fact. Please read the IP Cam Talk Cliff Notes and other items in the IP Cam Talk Wiki. (read on a real computer, not a phone). The wiki is in the blue...
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    choice of IP camera and their privacy options

    Reolink are pure garbage., do not waste your money. Reolink does not work very well with Blue Iris and it has a non standard video format. To secure your cameras do not allow them to have access to the internet. The internet bad guys do not want to look at your pictures, they want to turn...
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    "Alerts" List Is Empty? ***Resolved***

    To rebuild the database delete all the files in the c:\BlueIris\db folder. Reboot the BI computer. BI will completely rebuild the database. The only thing you will loose are the alerts. You will not loose the video files. After you have done that provide full screen shots 1) Blue iris status...
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    Camera recommendation, 2mp, starlight, turret/bullet

    IPC-HDW2231R-ZS .... Review-Dahua IPC-HDW2231RP-ZS Starlight Camera-Varifocal IPC-HDW2231T-ZS-S2 . Review-OEM IPC-T2231T-ZS Ver 2, 2mp Varifocal Starlight Camera N22AL12 ............ New Dahua N22AL12 Budget Cam w/Starlight -- low cost entry
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    Reolink outside install

    Not sure the purpose of the cameras. But if they are REOLINK send them back. REOLINK cameras are pure useless junk. Mounting cameras on the second level of a house will show you what happened but not who did it. The object is to ID the bad guys and put them in jail...
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    "Alerts" List Is Empty? ***Resolved***

    Did you test with manual creating a "triggered now" alert as described above. I most cases the alert folder is not used. Alerts are just database entries.
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    "Alerts" List Is Empty? ***Resolved***

    Why do you think you have alerts? Do you have motion detection configured in BI. Are you sure it tripped. I get alerts empty when a camera has no motion configured. select the camera right click, select click trigger now. Does it show an alert ? do you have today selected on the calendar ?
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    Hardware Dedicated Blueiris PC? is it a Good Deal ?

    Real systems process BI CPU comparison, do not use laptop cpus...
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    Sale tax on BI Maintenance

    @biggen So your purchase from amazon have no sales tax if there is not a warehouse in Florida ? If this is the case then Internet business will be move to the state with a small population like south Dakota This is the way it use to be, but the rules have changed. All hard good purchases pay...
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    Sale tax on BI Maintenance

    All states use the same laws for internet sales. That is why all hard good sales on the internet pay sales tax now.
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    Hardware Dedicated Blueiris PC? is it a Good Deal ?
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    Sale tax on BI Maintenance

    Why is there sales tax on Blue Iris Extended Support and Maintenance 1 year. This is a service and it should not be taxed. The original purchase of the software is taxable as it is a tangible asset.