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    Amazon/Ring Drone Security Cam LOL

    I would love that thing to take off in my house with three dogs when I am not home. I would be more worried about the damage the dogs would do chasing it, then the idiot breaking in. In the video, nice locks on the sliding door. :(
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    Thoughts on my proposed setup.

    Run the cables directly to the camera. I do not like patch panels for small system, Then connect them to the POE ports on the NVR. Test each camera in the NVR before installing, using a short premade cable. After you plug in a camera to the NVR, make sure to plug the same camera into the same...
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    Need advice for first time buyer for oudoor camera and indoor!)

    If you have direct internet access to the camera, you will have security issues. Your home network may get hacked. Please let china have access to all your home personal information, your back accounts.....
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    Please help me with a PC...

    look at and compare CPUs Look at PC running BI. The number of cameras is only of minor important. It is MP/sec which is...
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    Caught door checkers in the act!

    With the white light you have , try mounting a cheap camera on the edge of the fence next to the sidewalk, to get faces. Cops in large cities are useless for this kind of call.
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    Anyone build a custom computer here?

    SEE Most members are not commercial, so they buy a used business grade PC off of EBAY. Any good business grade PC that has 16 GB of memory and runs windows 10 can support BlueIris. It is recommend that you have an SSD for the...
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    Thoughts on my proposed setup.

    if you are interested in International Dahua cameras, a forum member sells dahua (and some Hikvision) and ships world wide. You can read some of the members recommendations on his service. He also provides cameras to other forum member for evaluation and reviews. You can email him for a quote...
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    Request suggestions for camera's for surveillance/monitoring

    As stated above. good night vision and 4K is a conflict. The best night vision consumer cameras have a CMOS sensor 1/1.8. Video quality is the sensor size not the Megapixels. Read study plan before spending your money. ================================================ My standard welcome...
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    PC drives

    The WD purple drive is the way to go. My 4 TB purple has been running for more than 2 years, 24/7/365, with 10 cameras writing continuously. I strongly recommend the WD purple for surveillance. I have use a Samsung 860 EVO 120GB for my system C drive for over 2 years. This is for the...
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    Which IP Cam is Open and Secure?

    There are NO open source cameras. Camera security is done by correctly configuring your network, isolating your cameras from the internet. I lived in Naples Italy, 1958 to 1962. I lived at 176 via Posillipo. That was a long long time ago... :)
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    Is Blueiris a good software for desktop and mobile?

    It is recommend that you use a Standalone business grade desktop PC. A lot of user problems are a result of not doing a clean install of windows 10 and running other crap on the computer. The system needs to run 24/7/365. Think of the BI PC as an NVR. It has one job, record and process home...
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    Unable to view cameras on 4G, only wifi works

    Your 4G provider can be blocking the data. Not familiar with the UK 4G providers. P2P is not recommend , it is a security risk. I recommend setting up a VPN connection (openVPN) .
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    New system for parents (and other questions)

    Start with one good quality variable focus camera, test the camera at night with the "Bad Guy" wearing a hoodie looking down. If you can not ID them then your camera is in the wrong place. As a note, I have two cameras mounted on the garage one on each side no higher than the top of the...
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    Security camera

    My standard welcome to the forum message. Read Study Plan before spending money Cameras are for surveillance to get information for after the fact. Please read the IP Cam Talk Cliff Notes and other items in the IP Cam Talk Wiki. (read on a real computer, not a phone). The wiki is in the blue...
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    Security camera

    @401717 That is going to take a lot of cameras. Go slow and take your time, start with one variable focus camera. I recommend a IPC-HDW5442t-ZE . One of the major installation problems I se is that to get good coverage, Cameras no higher than 7 feet, is going to take conduit installation...