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  • How are you doing. Happy Easter. Read your post on setting up drive folders for BI. Not very computer savvy and was hoping to get some detailed help from you if possible.
    I have nine 4k cams, one being a new 4K-X from Andy, and 2 PTZ's, LNZ44P12B, SD5A425XA-HNR (from Andy, best thing I have).

    Had my nephew put together a dedicated computer for BI. I bought all the parts.
    This is what I got:


    ASUS Prime Z690-A LGA 1700 motherboard

    MSI MAG CoreLiquid P240-AIO CPU cooler,

    16GB Crucial DDR5 RAM ( 2, 8GB sticks),

    Samsung 980 Pro 500GB PCIe NVMe Gen4 SSD M.2, Thermalright M.2 Heatsink cooler,

    Samsung 980 Pro 1TB PCIe 4.0 NVMe Gen4 SSD M.2, Sabrent M.2 2280 Heatsink(copper),

    4TB HD from Lorex NVR

    Segotep 750w fully modular gaming power supply 80 plus Gold Certified PSU w/silent 140mm fan

    Windows 10 pro 64 bit

    YuanLey 18 port PoE switch, 16 Poe+

    Fractal Design Meshify Black ATX flexable dark tinted tempered glass window mid tower computer case

    I'm going to install a WD 10TB surveillance drive from the NVR too.

    Didn't know about not using SSD's until after reading your post.
    My nephew did the loading of BI for me and has left out of state to work/live. Basically, I need to uninstall BI and DS and start over cause I found out through posting that I actually have BI installed on two drives, C and E.

    So, could you kindly give me a break down of how to have my drives set, with recommended allocations. This computer is dedicated for BI only and I would like to be able to go back at least three weeks to review flagged video alerts due to being away for a few weeks.

    Thank, and sorry for the long post.
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